Tuesday, June 08, 2004

At least Reagan wasn't a "War President"

"War Presidents" are the worst. Bush II is a "War President" and, coincidentally, he is also the worst. Reagan, at least, wasn't a "War President". Nobody looks back at the '80s and says, "Yeah, I remember the '80s. That's when we were at war with..."

Oh sure, Reagan was deluded with some highly disturbing plans and preparations for world chaos. All of his military broo-ha-ha bullshit was completely the antics of a nutball.

What should we spend our money on? What would really give America a little kick in the tail?

Hmm...how about missles spread about outer space so we can destruct our planet from any possible angle at whatever time we choose. Yeah! It sounds so movie-like! Yippee! Sounds fun!

Sounds like a nutball.

That is straight-down-the-line, right wing, war sickened, paranoid nutballism. People who show any - ANY! - sign of putting bullets and blood as their ultimate priority should never be allowed near a political office. Or children.

Reagan's cute rage against Communism, or the "Evil Empire" as he must have feared and loathed it, is an example of his us-vs.-them, we-have-more-guns-than-them idiocy. Let's get off the playground, boys.

It cracks me up how people talk of Reagan's great role in the collapse of communism. Give me a break. That ill conceived debacle was due to fall. I think it had something to do with the masses being controlled and poor and hopeless. And sick of it. Communism, as the USSR ran it, was always due to blow up in its own face. Eventually.

It was cool of Reagan to speak up against the cold reality of Communism, and I'm sure it helped, but please don't tell me Reagan and his jelly beans were the hand that crushed the Commies.

Communism crushed its people and, therefore, itself.

But give Reagan credit for one thing. At least, under his leadership there was no "Great War" to control our way of thinking, no "Great War" to continually corrupt our senses, no "Great War" offering nothing but bad news multiplying itself.

Oh sure, Reagan had some tiny, essentially meaningless, incredibly weaker countries to attack and set up puppet governments in, but those skirmishes pale next to the monstrosity of a mess that is Iraq.

Hey, even Clinton had his little shindigs in exotic places like Bosnia and Somalia. Shit happens.

However, the military moments of Clinton and Reagan, their "wars", were short and sweet. They came. They sucked. They were over. Back home we heard of them, and then they were gone. The news was grim, but fleeting.

Were their "wars" good or bad? That is for you to decide.

The America of Reagan was relatively peaceful. No matter how many guns were in aimed positions, not many shots were fired. And when they were, the spray of bullets was relatively short.

Bush, however, has made America a place of permanent war. Think about it...everyday we are at war.


For that, and for that alone, Bush II should be escorted away from his office. And children.


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