Thursday, June 10, 2004

A Big, Fat Whoopin'

The Pistons win big, go up 2-1, and make it look, oh, so eeeeeeeasy. Diddy is delighted.

Suddenly, the Lakers look...old and overmatched. And really thin.

Suddenly, the Lakers set a franchise-low for points in a playoff five days.

Suddenly, Joe Dumars looks like a genius. Carmelo who?

Suddenly, Rasheed Wallace looks sane.

Suddenly, Phil Jackson looks worried.

Suddenly, Kobe's miracle looks like an aberration.

Slowly, I'm sorta getting used to Richard Hamilton's face shield protector whatchamacallit.

Suddenly, Larry Brown looks like he might be getting something he has been searching for for a long, long time.

Suddenly, the question has morphed from "Can the Pistons do it?" into "Will the series make it back to Hollywood?"

Suddenly, Detroit may set itself on fire soon.

Suddenly, I remember that the Lakers have been dead before.


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