Sunday, June 13, 2004

EURO 2004 - Day 1.

Greece 2
Portugal 1

Spain 1
Russia 0


The Greeks have won! They've defeated the hosts! Who woulda' thunk it?


Oops, we #$%@ed up!

That's about all the so-called "Golden Generation" of Portugal soccer can offer the Portuguese fans at this point.

Things could get ugly. Fast.

The host Portuguese lost to one of the two "How the #$%@ did they qualify?" teams...Greece. (Latvia is even more mysterious.) Next up for the unfortunate host Portuguese is a pair of countries with formidable reputations...Spain and Russia.

Have fun.

One thing is certain: Portugal had no intention of just squeaking by into the knockouts. Now, that is their fate.

Meanwhile, Spain beat Russia 1-0. Thus, the Spaniards make the first positive step on the road to certain disappointment.

Spain is hot.

And in related news: Red Sox fans are thinking World Series title, the Reds are really, really good, and the Brewers are playing .500 ball.


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