Wednesday, June 30, 2004

'Genocide' or 'Ethnic Cleansing'? This Must be Decided Upon!

Colin Powell is in Khartoum, Sudan to address the dire situation of militia rebels uprooting more than one million people from their homes. The United States Agency for International Development projects as many as 300,000 deaths by the end of the year.

Hmm. It's good to see Powell (and, conversely, the U.S.) making an appearance, but this might be a good time for the UN to do something other than appear important and regal. Isn't it (not so) funny how the United States is forced to take the lead in these ugly messes while the UN maybe shows up, looks around and says, "Yep, something must be done."

Look, I understand the UN's reluctance to get overly involved in BushCo's debacle in Iraq. It's hard to offer help to someone who, basically, turned his nose up at your advice and told you to $%@# off...and then came back begging, "Pretty please." I can't say I blame the UN for hanging out near the sidelines and trying not to snicker, "Told you so."

That said, the UN needs to grow some balls, and it needs to grow some balls fast. Koffi Annan making an appearance in Sudan because Powell is in the nation doesn't quite cut it.

Powell said that "legal experts" are presently trying to decide whether to describe the sad situation in Sudan as genocide. The administration is currently describing the events as ethnic cleansing.

Well, then, my aplogies. That's an entirely different story. Silly me to get worked up over some good 'ol ethnic cleansing.

And does anyone else feel this warm comfort in knowing that "legal experts" are on the job? Whew!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot: The Khartoum government is interested in striking a deal with rebels that would divide income from untapped oil deposits.

You can almost see the ears of BushCo. suddenly perking up over this tidbit of information. I'm sure it's demanding up-to-date reports from Powell on this potentially lucrative front. In the world of BushCo, oil equals motivation to do the right thing.

Hey, whatever works.

First, however, the UN needs to stop talking and make something happen. Otherwise, what good is it?

And I'm not the first person to ask this question. Far from it.


Blogger SexyWombat said...

Ethnic cleansing? Talk about Bullshit. Something needs to be done.

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