Thursday, June 10, 2004

Today's Poll - Where Should the Wandering Expos Make Their Permanent Home?

A.) Montreal - You say keep them in Canada because there has never been a World Series in Montreal. Might be nice. Vive la France and all that jazz. The hockey fans are crazy in love with the hockey team, so why not baseball? It would probably help if they were given the chance to see the good times every once in a while.

When was the last time the Expos were in the World Series? Oops, I meant playoffs.

Crazy thing is, the Expos have produced arguably the best crop of talent in all of baseball over the last couple of decades. It's at least worth a discussion. Randy Johnson. Pedro Martinez. Vladimir Guerrero. The list goes on. They have been the ultimate farm team. To have an empty playoff past with that kind of talent is a complete injustice to Expos fans. Or potential Expos fans. Or just some folks in Montreal who know the Expos exist.

With a new stadium and competent management, baseball in Montreal might be fun.

B) Puerto Rico - You think crazy Puerto Ricans with not much to do other than rabidly follow a baseball team might be a nice atmoshpere in the sun to see a ballgame. Or get drunk.

C) Washington D.C./Northern Virginia - You say D.C. because you feel that everything you write - and/or vote on - is being monitored by neo-fascist, wire tapping, paranoid Big Brothers in high places who will never, ever forget that you defiantly turned your back on the capital in its most dire time of need, you evildoer.

Also, you feel past baseball experiments here have gone well.

D) Mexico City - See Puerto Rico, then multiply it by millions. This is a fanbase that would make New York look like a preseason trip to the Clippers.

E) Portland - You say the Great Northwest because you love Ralph Nader and all that trendy, hippie-ish, new movement liberal jive and, don't worry, we are on to you, troublemaker.

F) Chicago or Boston - You think these cities deserve another lottery ball, so to speak.

G) Baghdad - You think this would be a great way to introduce democracy. Give them a team like the Cubs or Red Sox and any potential hatred for the West will be spent on sorrow, shock, dismay, anger and disappointment.

H) - Havana - You think that Cuba is a classic, great baseball nation with fervent fans and I bet you're into Communisim, aren't you, you porn-viewing, godless liberal?

I) Who the #$%@ cares? - You're just shocked that the Expos still exist. You thought they had been contracted or something.

J) Other - You explain.


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