Thursday, June 10, 2004

World Bowl XII...

...will be played on Saturday between the Berlin Thunder and Frankfurt Galaxy.

As if you didn't know.

Word is, Kurt Warner will be in attendance to get some "feelers" on possible employment for the 2005 season after he is booed out of the Big Apple.

Remember Rohan Davey? The plump QB with the rocket arm from LSU? Well, he was named the league MVP after leading the Thunder to a 9-1 record (their one loss was by a point) with a 105.6 QB rating.

Cue sarcasm:

Davey is the property of the Patriots, which is a good thing, as the Pats desperately need a QB. Maybe he can give a boost to a franchise that can really use one.

(Out of the side of my mouth: $%#@^%$ Patriots.)

Tune in if only for the European cheerleaders.


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