Thursday, July 01, 2004

Cool as Ice Water


The Greeks have done it. They are in. The EURO Final is their last possible destination. They have done the unthinkable. The world is theirs in the summer of the (fill in your god's name here), 2004.

Athens says, "%$#@ Olympic preparations, let's party!"

Zeus is smiling upon his people in a year of the Olympics. Good for him. Good guy, moving his weight around among wherever gods hang out. Greeks around the world are celebrating wildly for sure. Ouza is flowing.

Supposed last-second Olympic preparations will be put back a few days. Whatever. Who can blame them?

Some guy named Dellas - his last name rhymes with Hellas - scored the winner in the last possible moment before penalty kicks would have occurred. The Czechs died a quick, but surely painful, death, Nedved left to watch another final.

Incidentally, if you think I'm trying to correctly spell Dellas' first name, you're crazy, because I don't know his first name. It's that sort of Greek team.

Nobodies from nowhwere.

Maybe their smooth cruise through two years of qualifying was no joke after all, nor their smooth cruise thus far in EURO 2004. Maybe the Greeks are good. Who knew?

We shall find out.


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