Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Heart and Soul of America

Where has Chevy Chase been? I miss him. His celebrity status has certainly dimmed over the years, but I think he deserves - oh, I don't know - maybe his own talk show or something. Maybe a joint effort with Magic Johnson?

Showing the admirable ability to put a positive spin on anybody, Chase called George Bush as "bright as an egg timer" at a rock'n'roll fundraiser for John Kerry. Hahaha! He was far from alone, as other celebs joined in the festivities, none passing up the opportunity to verbally bash Bush.

Naturally, Bush's people aren't happy. They want the videotape of the concert to be released. Why? I guess they feel it will reflect poorly on Kerry and John Edwards, as if the right of free speech is not something to be associated with, as if being seen hanging with American icons such as Paul Newman and John Fogerty is a bad thing.

Once again, BushCo. has its priorities more messed up than Scott Weiland falling off the wagon.

You see, a Senate Intelligence Committee continues to come to the conclusion that key assertions leading to the attack of Iraq were false and/or overstated by all criminals, er, parties involved. Basically, the reasons for this great war of Bush's were lies and deceptions. This is not even news anymore. Yet, Bush's people are worried about some celebrities cracking jokes, playing rock'n'roll, and generally having a good time while raising money for Kerry/Edwards. Hello!

When somebody loses all perspective, do they even know it?

Man, these Bush backers are like the up-tight adults in "Footloose". Where's Kevin Bacon when you need him? Somebody needs to get a sense of humor, or a stiff drink. Or they should just dance, baby, daaaaaance! They feel opinions such as those expressed at the concert do not reflect the "heart and soul" of America, which, if my memory serves, has been christened as the - get this - land of the free.

Incidentally, the rigged 2000 election results didn't reflect the "heart and soul" of America either, now did it?

What is the "heart and soul" of America?

Well, John Mellencamp was one of the celebs who joined the tirade. Yes, the same John Mellencamp who hails from a small, rural town in the middle of Americana. The same John Mellencamp who once sang "Ain't that America for you and me/Ain't that America, something to see".

Mellencamp is a guy from nowhere with a guitar who ended up marrying a supermodel. That's about as American as it gets.

Whoopi Goldberg? A black Jewish woman with no eyebrows making it big is about as American as it gets.

Newman is about as American as it gets. Period. Same goes for Fogerty.

John Leguizamo is Puerto Rican. Not quite American, but close.

Thing is, all of these people have reflected positively on the "heart and soul" of America in ways Bush cannot even comprehend. Thing is, these people are, for the most part, well liked, respected even.

Can Bush say this? No.

This is what I don't get: When will BushCo. get it? When will it understand that it's unliked? When will this click?

As Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" showed, Bush, when first "elected", was rudely welcomed to Washington D.C. by jeers and flying eggs. Angry comments from celebs (or anyone) is just a continuation of that. No president, at least in my lifetime, has been as monumentally ridiculed and openly disliked as Bush, both here at home and abroad. Sure, every president will have his detractor's, but the animosity towards Bush is unprescedented.

Somebody needs to take a hint.

Bush needs to understand that, other than his staunch, unflailing conservative base (of which there are way too many), Americans don't like him. Period. They don't want him as their president. In fact, they didn't even elect him in the first place.

He should just go away.

Bush has very little in common with the "heart and soul" of America. Very little. Hanging with Saudi princes and hiding out on private ranches doesn't count. The fact that he can't stand the freely expressed opinions of others is proof of Bush's distance from the true essence of America. After all, this is the same man who once said, "There should be limits to freedom", while unabashadly waging wars in the name of this so-called "freedom".

Go ahead and release the videotape. It should be seen. If for nothing else than some good laughs and rock'n'roll.

Get well, Weiland.


Blogger SexyWombat said...

Wait Whoopi has no Eyebrows?

9:58 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

I don't think she does. Look close.

1:00 PM  
Blogger SexyWombat said...

Thats freakish, I'll check it out. Wonder if she still does hollywood squares. She better be the first thing I see when I tune in b/c I don't want that show on for more than 5 seconds.

10:24 AM  

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