Wednesday, July 07, 2004

He's All Yours

Word is, Isiah "I am the world's worst GM" Thomas and the Knicks are interested in a possible sign-and-trade deal Jamal Crawfod among others.

Good riddance.

Hey, go ahead, Isiah, Crawford is all yours. Have fun with his numerous off-balance jumpers as the shot clock expires and his porous defense. Also, he'll be good for a few tantrums involving playing time or shot opportunities. Other than that, he's a real winner.

Wait! What's this? Eddie Robinson's name is being mentioned in the possible trade as well?

Wow, that would be like Christmas in summertime. Not only would the Bulls get rid of malcontents Crawford and Robinson, Isiah's failure with another NBA franchise will shift into overdrive. And it's the Knicks, to boot!

I can hardly contain myself.


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