Thursday, July 15, 2004


The Nomar Garciaparra-to-anywhere rumors continue to show the lasting resolve of Bill O'Reilly's pointless career, meaning they aren't going away, whether you want them to or not.

While Nomar-to-the-Cubs was the initial buzz, the White Sox are apparently in the mix. Of course, Carlos Beltran-to-the-White Sox rumors are also floating around out there, which, while highly exciting, seem unfounded at this point. While either rumored White Sox deal seems unlikely, I wouldn't put anything past the ever-tinkering Kenny Williams, who likes to shake things up with the verve of a bartender who needs tips really, really badly. Nomar landing on the North Side, however, seem more likely. The Expos' Orlando Cabrera doesn't seem like a monumental upgrade over Alex Gonzalez at shortstop, neither this year nor the future, especially considering a fresh Gonzalez will be a man with something to prove after A.) his gaffe against the Marlins, B.) his poor showing early this season before disappearing due to injury, and C.) all the Cabrera/Nomar rumors made it clear that he isn't much wanted anymore. Never underestimate a woman scorned...nor a shortstop. Or something like that.

But Nomar? That would be huge. Chicago needs more athletes who require no last name.

Meanwhile, Magglio Ordonez remains unsigned and, the last I've heard, untalked to. (Is "untalked" a word? If not, I don't care. You get the point.) Here's hoping Maggs tears it up in the second-half of the season. Maybe that would earn him the respect that, apparently, his stellar career at the Cell, for whatever reason, has not.

Of course, none of this pantamount to the possibilty of seeing Mia Hamm sitting in the Wrigley Field sun. Goooooooaaaaaaaalllllll!!!


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