Friday, July 09, 2004


...listen. That's the sound of Cubs fans releasing their breath.

Kerry Wood will start against the Cardinals on Sunday. Considering Wood's reemergance comes against the vaunted, division-leading Cards in Busch Stadium just as the All-Star break starts, this is huge.

The Cubs can definitely send a message this weekend, and get the good vibes going as we look towards the second half of the season.

Speaking of messages, I have one for all the suddenly whiny Cubs fans who think the world has ended because the Cubs were swept by the Brewers: Shut up!

Last year's Cubs were 47-47 at the break, while this year's team currently sits at 46-38 despite dealing with A.) a virtual revolving door onto the DL and B.) the toughest division in baseball.

Relax! Dusty has the boys right where he needs them. Barring more injuries - and those should be just about all used up by now, right? - the Cubs have positioned themselves admirably.

And they get the Brewers eight more times this month?



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