Tuesday, July 06, 2004

This Guy Needs a Little Help


Heck, just a couple of runs would have been nice yesterday. Matt Clement has been All-Star material thus far this season, yet he gets less support than Pam Anderson in a training bra.

Then again, Ben Sheets is good. Real good. The Brewers ain't bad either, which is shocking. Robin Yount is surely taking note.

** This is the End, Beautiful Friend

Eric Gagne's record streak of successful saves ended at 84 games. Gagne deserves more pub than he's been getting for this accomplishment, especially considering that Tom Gordon formerly held the record with a mere 54 saves.

Consider the record shattered. It will be a while before it's broken, if ever.

** What is the Worth of a Legend?

It's worth more than $40 mil to Coach K, because that's what he turned down to become the Lakers next head coach. Oh, he thought about it, as anybody would, but ultimately decided that being the untouchable king at Duke sounded nicer than the sun and smog of Tinseltown.

I can't say I blame him. As interesting as it would have been to see how he fared in the wild NBA, where players often run things, this is a no-brainer on Coach K's part. When he walks off the hallowed court at Cameron for the last time, he will be an old man, his legend firmly intact, his judgement uncompromised, his heart followed even when tempted most.

Hey, keeping tabs on Kobe Bryant's legal troubles doesn't sound as enticing as making sure his Blue Devils get to class.

It's odd how Bryant helped begin the rush of high schoolers to the NBA, and now he's "recruiting" coaches. Has it really come to this? Coach K was Bryant's choice, and Lakers management did everything in its power to land him. Man, talk about the inmates running the asylum. (No pun intended regarding Bryant.) Word is, Stanislav Medvedenko lobbied hard for his grade school coach back in Russia, but Kupchak wasn't having it.

I wonder if Dick Vitale made it through Coach K's decision process without becoming a smoker. You know he was sweating bullets. Why do I picture Vitale, as the Coack K-to-the-Lakers rumors first began, sitting in the dark at 3 A.M., staring blankly at a wall as old Duke games played on a television without sound, and wondering if the world was truly coming apart at the seams?

I still dislike Duke - hey, what can I say? - but Coach K has demonstrated why he is one of the most repected figures in basketball, nay the world of sports. Maybe his decision to forego the chintzy glitz and easy cash of the NBA will influence some high school hot shots to check out the college game.

That would be a good thing.


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