Saturday, July 03, 2004

Top Five Basketball Jerseys Seen at Taste of Chicago

5) Michael Jordan...I'm not a huge fan of the MJ-in-DC era, but I saw more than one person wearing Jordan's Wizards jersey...but not the normal blue version. They were wearing the '70's-era, Wes Unseld, star-and-stripes version. Interesting.

When the Wizards played in those throwbacks, Jordan's decision to come out of retirememt never looked more ridiculous...but the jersey is cool.

4) There was a white kid, about 13-14, wearing MJ's North Carolina uniform. I mean, the entire thing. Official jersey, official shorts. He was suited up, baby!

I bet that kid plays some great fundamental basketball.

3) Dominique Wilkins. Atlanta Hawks, mid-'80's, dunk contest-winning, white home version.

2) Carmelo Anthony. Syracuse. Orange version.

1) Jerry West...West Virginia-style. There was a guy wearing West's college jersey. Sensational taste! I love when choice of throwback attire displays basketball knowledge, and an appreciation of the game's history. Maybe he was a Grizzlies fan.

To top it off, the guy was wearing a shiny new West Virginia Mountaineers cap.



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