Wednesday, July 07, 2004

What About Maggs?

One can only wonder what Magglio Ordonez is thinking at this point.

Already resigned to a spectator's view of the Sox' pennant drive while his knee heals - in his contract year no less! - the star right fielder now must swallow the news that the recently acquired Freddy Garcia signed a three-year, $27 million deal.

Wow, that was quick. Yet, Maggs waits...and waits...and waits.

Did Maggs tick somebody off, or what? Just as important, is Maggs ticked off? Negotiations have reportedly halted, so somebody is ticked off at somebody.

Look, I'm $%#@ ticked off!

Locking up Garcia for the next few years is a good thing. It's refreshing to see Jerry Reinsdorf opening up his pocket book for a change. Garcia, while not a superstar, has been a more-than-solid starting pitcher for the past several seasons. When healthy, he's a rock in any team's starting rotation. He's only 28, and, who knows, maybe he'll turn out to be one of those pitchers who only hits his stride after 30. We can always hope.

Thing is, Garcia has been in town less than two weeks. He probably still needs directions to the Cell. Maggs has been in town his entire career, growing up in the Sox' minor league system and developing into a star, a consistent 30 HR/.300 BA/100 RBI guy, right before our eyes at 35th and Shields.

Maggs is representative of an era in White Sox baseball. Granted, his "era" has participated in exactly three playoff games and has a bevy of second-place finishes to its credit, but this is far from Magg's fault. He deserves some respect, and some cash compensation. Somebody is going to give it to him, so why not the Sox? Would it help if he was engaged to Ozzie Guillen's daughter-in-law, as Garcia is?

Forgive me if you think that's a low blow.

I'm not criticizing Garcia for his family ties to Guillen. Hopefully, his quick-to-come contract was based solely on his right arm, and not his connection to the Guillens.

What I am saying is, it can't look good to Maggs, who has been nothing but a consistent performer and a class act for as long as he's been here, so show him some love. Chicago is a big market. We should be able to play with the big boys. Anything less is unacceptable.

Show Maggs the money, Reinsdorf.


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