Friday, January 21, 2005

An American Party

In China, I wonder what they think of Bush? In the Phillipines? In Australia? In France? Germany? Sweden? Argentina? Nigeria? Mexico? Costa Rica? Canada?

What do they think on Mars?

I wonder what anyone who isn't one of the chosen crowd of cowards, crooks, critics, blowhards, zealots and blind followers...thinks. What does the world beyond our borders think of Bush? What does the strange and exacting universe think? How about the final night of fallen facades, in which simmers the truth? What shall think that night?


That's my guess.

While watching ugly glamour made by men (and their women) for themselves, I think the rest of the world must think we're pathetic. Why shouldn't they? Bush just produced the ugliest inauguration in memory, an inauguration under a gray sky and behind bulletproof windows, and it oozed with unhappiness. The true, trembling murmurs of a nation whispered in the background. This was no celebration. It was ego, ritual and waste.

Our soldiers, and theirs, die for nothing and our leaders put on parties.

These leaders, our leaders, bomb foreign lands for lost and false reasons. They lie. They dream of weapons of mass destruction. They stab democracy in her eye. They wear expensive black jackets down to their ankles. They ride in bulletproof limos. They wave and offer rehearsed smiles. They are in a hurry going nowhere. Then disappear into a world of their own.

They are not America. I call them out. I say bullshit. They are not our leaders.

A bible sits on their laps, its story leaking out like blood and soiling their designer outfits.

They do not read the Bible. They ruin it.

No book was ever written for them. They write their own biographies. Our children will shake their heads and teach of tragedies. They will be remembered in ways that cannot be forgotten, no matter how hard our children try.

They are not our leaders. I call them out. I see fakes, imposters.

Dissenters, our conscience, were caged, behind bars, sprayed, out of distance. They were unwelcome. The parade of no joy carried on far, far beyond them. Their voices were almost heard above the hum of dark grace.

Our leaders waved to the front row, to the people who paid in more way than one, to the always necessary mass, and made small talk behind windows of no penetration. They all agreed it had all gone rather well. There were nine balls to attend in the evening.

They came not near us.

Why are they afraid to speak to our people? Why don't they walk among our people? What are they afraid of? Who are they? What have they done with what we have given them? What have they taken from us that cannot be returned?

I think they have already told us.

I think they think they earned more.

I think they are wrong.

History shall settle this and divide us.


Blogger Hoodrow said...


The Bushes were photographed lifting their right hands with their index and pinky fingers raised up, much like a horn. In Texas, that's widely understood as the symbol for the University of Texas Longhorns, whose fans are known to shout out "Hook 'em, horns!" at athletic events.

But in other parts of the world those "horns" are a sign of the devil. In the Nordics, the hand gesture is popular among death and black metal groups and fans.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Hoodrow said...

By the way, stupendous job on the photos. Just noticed that. Very well done.

10:14 PM  

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