Sunday, January 30, 2005

Rock the Vote

At least we now know that the Iraqi people want democracy. This is a positive after three years of nothing but lies and blood and bullshit.

For one day at least we'll forget that the Iraqi people also surely wanted this democracy, this freedom of choice, when they were under the mysterious and miserable spell of Saddam Hussein or, in other words, long before we blew them up.

Couldn't somebody have taken a poll of this, maybe before the war?

TV talking heads could do wonders with those numbers.

Next time let's read the Iraqis' blogs first.

But I won't nitpick.

I think our soldiers are fighting in somebody else's war as America's alleged leaders fight all the wrong wars back home. (Nobody cares if you're gay, BushCo.) These so called-leaders of ours are full of poor ideas and the cluelessness to stand by them. Young American soldiers die one day after telling their families they'll be coming home the following week.

But I won't nitpick.

They say voter turnout was better than expected. If so, I'm impressed. Of course, I wasn't there and I don't believe everything we're told, in word or on screen. Too many agendas. Too many schemes. Too many people getting paid. Too many truths not always seen.

But I won't nitpick.

I can't help the feeling that the suicide bombings won't stop whether we retreat or whether we stay. I say we get out. I say there are too many colliding, conflicting ideas of bloody power and save-the-world twisted rhetoric coming together like atoms in the nucleus at the bottom of a bomb.

But I won't nitpick.

But only for today.


You couldn't ask for a better scene than the orange slice of heaven that unfolded downstate on Saturday.

The one hundredth year of Illini basketball is presently going on and everyone was there to celebrate. All the old heroes, all the old legends. Everybody dressed in orange. Everybody feeling good. Everybody loving life. Everyone squinting in the light reflecting off the earrings of Ken Norman, which were simply huge.

It didn't hurt the festivities that the Illini are 21-0 and ranked No. 1 in the nation. And it certainly didn't hurt that they ran all over Minnesota 89-66.

Everyone seemed happiest to see Lou Henson who rolled through the festivities in his wheelchair.

Good to see you, Lou.

Random thoughts on the Bulls:

I wouldn't be too alarmed by the loss to the Celtics. Kirk Hinrich and Andres Nocioni fouled out. Ben Gordon was playing with five fouls down the stretch and was being picked at like a scab on defense because of it. The refereeing was very questionable. Way too tight. Both ways. I'm not complaining. But it wasn't good.

The Bulls succeed with their up-in-your-face defense and the refs' calls on Saturday night were tighter than Lindsay Lohan's exquisitely selected wardrobe. The Bulls were taken out of their game, and it didn't help that Paul Pierce and Gary Payton get more calls than a cab company on New Years night. Nobody on the Bulls gets calls like that yet.

And Chris Duhon now knows to take the big shot at the end if need be. It's not likely he'll find himself in that situation very often, but he'll never hesitate again. The game-tying shot was there for the taking and he passed on it. He's a rookie.

Lessons were learned.

So at what point does one stop being a sports fan and simply morph into a state of complete slothdom?

I only ask because I was watching Arena league football.

Yes, I caught myself watching the Rush game at the Dallas Desperados, who are pretty good in the grand scheme of all things Arena League. It was the Rush's first game of the season and it was on the road. Dallas sent the game into overtime with a field goal on the last play of the game, and then took the lead with a touchdown on their first drive of the extra period. The Rush came back, scored a touchdown (on a run no less), and then decided to go for two-points. In fact, they came to the line, thought about it, called a timeout, thought about it some more, and STILL decided to go for two points and the win.

They missed, but I like their style. Then again, going for the extra point was probably the smart thing to do.

So anyway, back to my question: Is Arena league viewing entirely too much sports television or what?

A) Yes, and you need to take a shower.

B) No, NFL withdrawal is a painful process, but, just like every year, you'll get through it with a) time, b) spring training, and c) methadone.

C) Don't care, no matter, you're not actually betting on the Arena games yet, so you're safe.


Quick question for White Sox Nation: Would you rather see Magglio Ordonez come back to haunt the Sox 18 times a season in a Tigers uniform, or would you feel safer with Maggs in a Cubs uniform and in the National League far, far away?

Detroit and Wrigleyville seem to be Magg's two main options at this point.

You've all seen the guy hit, so it's an interesting situation.

Personally, I'd rather see him in a Cubs uniform. I don't want to be forced to root against Maggs and, knee injury or not, I don't think he's done. The thought of Maggs helping an AL Central team is much too disturbing.

And Maggs and Aramis Ramirez would be an awesome 1-2 punch in the heart of the Cubs' lineup.

And why is Sox GM Kenny Williams getting a relatively free ride on this? Saying goodbye to Maggs isn't much different than the Cubs bidding adieu of Sammy Sosa.

They both meant a lot. They will both be remembered. They were both cut loose unceremoniously.


Lest Cub diehards and drunks forget that the Cubs still have Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano, they do.

Sosa is still gone, essentially for Jerry Hairston Jr. and some dudes nobody knows, but the Cubs starters are still as good as any in baseball. At least they could and should be.

Aubrey Huff rumors persist and the guy can hit, as do rumors of Maggs' possible never-really-gone return.

All is not lost.

So you miss Sosa?

A) Yes, he deserved to spend the remainder of his career here. Sammy was the best.

B) No, the dude had to go.

C) Don't care, no matter, the Cubs have starting pitching and Aramis, so everything will be fine.

D) Fuck the Cubs, go Sox.


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Just wanted to say that I recently found your site and love the Chicago/Illinois sports news. Sure, I could get the same news from somewhere else, but I'd rather read your blog than some newspaper columnist.

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Thanks, Shep. I noticed you have me linked up on your Give Me The Rock blog. Right back at you.

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