Saturday, February 12, 2005


OK, I hate when teams bitch and moan about being underrated. There are few things worse than listening to the Patriots cry about how they get no respect when they have been compared with the NFL's all-time great teams.

That said, DePaul is one of the most underrated programs in the country. They have a scant few votes in the polls yet sit at 16-5 and a 1/2 game out of first place in Conference USA, and that's only because they have played one less game. On Saturday they pummelled Cincinnati 85-66.

It doesn't help DePaul's PR department that Illinois is the country's best story thus far this season. The Blue Demons' main rival is doing a great job of drawing virtually all of the attention in Chicago.

That's not a bad thing. Under the radar, baby, under the radar.

Quemont Greer (below) may be the most underrated player in the county.

Drake Diener may be the most underrated member of the Diener family.

More on the Demons soon.


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Friday, February 18, 2005

Marcy starts with warning NASCAR.....

Marcysays: Fine, I'll pass this little ditty along as a warning to NASCAR dads. But Marcy won't quit there. Marcy will pass along warnings to baseball players touting the advantages of Viagra. And Marcy won't quit until she tells golfers and football players not to make millions advertising Viagra.

Jesus Barking Christ, why hasn't Jose Conseco writing a book about the dangers of Viagra?

And Marcy needs to warn the medical industry who has just labeled Viagra as a 'Stoke' medicine. What's with the medical industry anway? You mean they didn't already know Viagra was about 'stroking'?

Viagra cocktails are great, but my experience with Viagra is that Viagra and Budweiser sucks. PS, boys. Remember, Viagra works on your girlfriend too. Gets that little clit standing straight up. So next time you get ready to pop a pill, cut it in half and share it with your lady friend......marcythewhore

February 2005
Tell NASCAR to stop embarrassing ads Dear Bobby,
NASCAR promotes itself as "family fare" and consistently brags about its family oriented sport. The term "family" is frequently used as the core value of NASCAR.

So, why does NASCAR allow its broadcasts to be filled with graphic ads for "erectile dysfunction" when they know tens of thousands of kids are watching?

The constant ads for Levitra and Cialis are offensive and embarrassing to parents who trust NASCAR to present a quality program without questionable material.

The NFL has proved that sports entities that produce millions of dollars of profit for networks can and do have a say-so when it comes to associational advertising. The NFL canned a Super Bowl ad "on the spot" when they felt it crossed the line of common decency and responsibility to the viewing public.

NASCAR has an obligation to its fans and should demand graphic ads for sexually oriented products to be removed from its broadcast.

Remind NASCAR to hold true to promoting programming appropriate for the entire family, especially our children. Tell NASCAR to stop graphic Levitra and Cialis ads during race broadcasts.

Send Your Letter To NASCAR Now!Sincerely, Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Sandra Dee Dies....

Sandra Dee, 62, best remembered as the pert and charming one-time bride of one-time teen hearthrob Bobby Darin, died Sunday in Los Angeles after a bout with kidney disease.

What would we do without Brett Favre and NFL football this fall? It would be political suicide.

By Hunter S. ThompsonPage 2

Sean Penn called me last night and said he was quitting the movie business until after the football season.

"I am going on the road with Brett Favre and the boys," he said. "The Packers will kick ass this year, and I want to be part of it. I love Brett Favre."

His voice sounded strange, so I goaded him.

"The football season has been cancelled this year. The White House just announced it."

"No!" he shouted. "That's impossible! Football season will never be canceled in America -- not in an election year. There would be riots."

"Exactly," I replied. "Horrible riots every Sunday afternoon, in cities all over the country. Football fans will go crazy. I already feel the Fear."

It's true, but not because of our football season being canceled. No. We must have football. What would this country be without football in October?

That is a dangerous question, so I try not to worry. Only an imbecile would alienate every football freak in the country at a time like this.

What would we do without Brett Favre and NFL football this fall?It would be political suicide.

Would the President do a thing like that?

Who knows for sure? He is already muttering about "postponing" the whole election, and that is almost as ugly as canceling a football season.

These rumors are dark and disturbing, especially for a football addict in July. Take my word for it, because I am a certified addict. It makes me feel crazy on some days, and this is one of them.
I am a football addict, and I am not alone in this country. We are legion, and we must have football ... Yes. It is righteous, and only a jackass would cancel it.

Election years are always weird in America, and they always happen in football season. That is a fact of life. The President will always be elected on the first Tuesday in November, for good or ill, and not even Richard Nixon could change it. He hated anything that stood between him and a Green Bay Packers game, especially on Monday nights.

Nixon was a bad loser. He hated losing worse than death, and that is why I enjoyed him. We were both football fans, both addicts; and on some days, nothing else mattered.

But that was yesterday, and George Bush is now.

Where is Richard Nixon, now that we need him? He was crooked in every way and his hands were covered with blood -- but he was a rabid, high-rolling football fan with a sly taste for gin; and on some nights, he could be good company.

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Gregory Hemingway dies...Hunter would appreciate the irony

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