Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Face Of America?

After possibly pissing off some people with my post yesterday about Johnnie Cochran - as if I really need to worry about defending myself for having gripes with someone who wore purple suits - let me continue in that vein and say this:

Terri Schiavo is dead? Good.

The fiasco concerning Schiavo has been simply an embarrassment. To who? To Americans. It's bad enough already that most of the world thinks we're cruel war mongers, but for the last two weeks the lasting, daily image coming from our shores is the zombie-like face of Schiavo being starved to death, slowly. And people on all sides arguing in the streets, shouting seemingly because they can and want to be heard. And empty TV talking heads faking compassion. And the Schindlers, the so-called mourners, cashing in on their broadcast suffering. And, occasionally, when lucky, a funny sign.

Naturally, it was the religion-drunk conservatives being the biggest annoyance. Naturally.

I love how they spent days outside Schiavo's hospital like a pack of wolves, picketing and posturing, offering water in a futile gesture of contrived martyrdom, and generally doing their best to appear really, really concerned and righteous.


If they're so concerned about their fellow man, why not actually go out and help someone on any other day. Go help a homeless person. Go spend time with a kid with cancer. Go help the elderly. Go do something.

Instead, they suddenly converge and hang out where the TV lights shine brightest. They hang out where their fake concern has a stage to display itself. They come to make political statements. In actuality, they don't even care about Schiavo's final breaths. Their concern is motivated by a need to feel important and a need to have their agenda unleashed. They're angry, they're pests, and they suck. They love to show up with their Bibles and claim they come in the name of God, yet they'll tell the gay guy to fuck off as they race away from Schiavo's hospital in SUV's.

And, of course, their leaders, corrupt clowns such as Tom DeLay, take advantage of the sudden platform to tell us all how to run our lives. Fuck Tom DeLay.

To paraphrase Courtney Love, conservatives fake it so real they are beyond fake.

And, all too often, they are what the world sees. Embarrassing.

The funny thing is, the zealots have been so quick to call for some compassion for Schiavo - screaming that she desperately needed a cheeseburger through a tube - that they never stopped running in circles long enough to realize that her dying was the most compassionate thing to happen. It's not often I'll say anything nice about a Bush, but props to Georgie and Jebbie (and everyone else who was asked to keep her alive) for choosing to let the woman die. For once Georgie's one-time campaign cry of "compassionate conservatism" rang true, if for the wrong reasons. Of course, Georgie and Jebbie were acting out of political concerns, and not compassion, but whatever. For now, I'll give them a little credit for letting die a woman who needed to die. Sometimes the Bushes are just clueless enough for their own good.

Think about it. Schiavo had been in a coma since 1990. That's, like, almost the '80s. UNLV was national basketball champ. Joe Montana won his last Super Bowl. The Simpsons were in their first season. That's a long, long time. She wasn't coming back. Sure, her family claimed she was alert and communicating, but that has been denied vehemently by many doctors over many years. And if Schiavo was alert and trying to communicate, I'm guessing she was asking for sweet death. Ever lay in bed for 15 years? Ever want to?

Now the zealots are undoubtedly upset that their money shot into our TVs and newspapers and internets has gone and died. I'm sure they're upset that their plans to circumvent the ebb and flow of government process to "save" a woman they cared nothing about just days before were squashed. How disappointing for them.

Terri Schiavo is dead. We all watched her starve for two weeks. We all acted like fools, and the world was watching.

So, st least the eyes of the world will no longer have the Schiavo debacle to laugh at us about. Instead they can focus their laughter on our sagging dollar, our mess in Iraq, and Paris Hilton's career. Now there's a joke.

How ironic that Schiavo originally fell into a coma as a result of her eating disorder and she ended up getting a bunch of loudmouthed Americans to squawk like chickens without heads over a feeding tube removed from her mouth.

America is funny. Sometimes unintentioanlly.


Need proof that Bush's compassion in the Schiavo case was fake? Well, he's already denied a raise in minimum wage and now he's cutting budgets for the poor. And this is only beginning.

Wow, he's just bursting with compassion!

Oh, yeah, he also doesn't have much compassion for anyone with a political website. Particularly, he has no compassion for their privacy, and if he has his way, their existence, surely.


Can we please stop picking fights with other countries? Please?

Now we're busy telling China and Pakistan we're not happy. We're already in a mess in Iraq, and all up in the face of Iran and Syria, and now we're adding new people to our shit list, claiming that human rights are being denied. This message is being delivered by a willing, blood-soaked messenger who helped orchestrate the brutal deaths of tens of thousands of people in Iraq.

And now Condoleezza Rice is preaching to others about human rights?

Then again, Pakistan will be pleased with the F-16s we're selling them. Everyone loves some more weapons.

But wasn't Pakistan a major player in the selling and transferring of nuclear weapons not long ago? And now we're giving them weapons? Hasn't this backfired on us before?


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