Sunday, March 13, 2005

Let It Go Already

The endless discussion over the University of Illinois' mascot continues.

This is ridiculous. These PC bastards have been bitching and moaning about this for years. They tend to forget that the Illini symbol was originally chosen in honor of the Indian heritage that existed on the Illinois plains. I mean, at one point in time the school asked itself what nickname/macot it wanted to serve as a symbol of pride, honor, and dedication...and "the Illini" was chosen. Where is the animosity or insensitivity in that?

The sad part is, many of the people who spearhead these angry campaigns are white malcontents who like to stand on soapboxes and sound self-important. I suppose it makes them feel better about themselves. Sure, there are Native Americans who don't care for the symbol and imagery, but I've also read on several occasions quotes from Native Americans who have no problem with it, or at least they don't feel it's anything to bitch about. Or at least they recognize it for what it is - a harmless tradition that aims to hurt no one.

These bored PC clowns need to pick a new fight and go away. There is real - REAL! - racial insensitivity out there and it has little to do with college kids and basketball games.

WTF is up with this?...


Last week, five American Indians filed a federal lawsuit seeking $2.5 million in damages against the Honor the Chief Society, alleging their civil rights were violated when they were kept out of a party for the outgoing Chief Illiniwek at a Champaign restaurant in February 2004.

So let me get this straight. These cats publicly and relentlessly bash the school over its mascot, and then when they're not wanted at a party FOR that very mascot, they decide to sue for $2.5 mil? Classy.

Get fuckin' lost. Go get laid by an Illinois coed and stop worrying about one student dressed up in Indian attire for a few hours on gameday. Nobody is laughing at Native Americans. Nobody is mocking them. Nobody is belittling them.

Would these people rather have all memories of Indian culture just shrivel up and vanish and have no mark in public life whatsoever? The Illini mascot, in an offhand way, helps keep Indian culture in the public eye, and it does so in a manner of celebration and joy. Perhaps it isn't done in the most mature or well-thought-out way - after all, these are college kids - but no ill will is intended. None. Whatsoever. Really.


So relax, enjoy the game, and pick battles that are a little more meaningful.

Or don't...but go away.


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