Friday, March 11, 2005

Living On A Hope And A Prayer

DePaul? Killing me.

If I'm Dave Leitao, I deny any request to have cameras filming the Demons watching the selection show. It could end ugly. I'd also have one of them DePaul priests on hand to channel God.

Look, when senior leaders Quenton Greer and Drake Diener are missing free throws and turning the ball over in the final few minutes, things tend to end badly for the Demons, who have had a bad habit of losing close games of late. A bad habit. Perhaps the committee will consider the fact that the Demons led UAB virtually the entire game except for the final :0.8. They can only hope.

A date with Notre Dame in the NIT seems quite plausible, which is a shame.

Is DePaul one of the best 64 teams in the country? Yeah. Did they prove it when it mattered most? Not quite. What is the most disappointing aspect of this? The fact that they had every opportunity to beat both Louisville and UAB (twice) in the final minute.

Hit a friggin' free throw.

UAB, meanwhile, is tourney worthy. The Blazers play perhaps the most frantic defense out there, which is always fun. Mike Anderson, a former Nolan Richardson assistant, has the Blazers keeping alive the "Forty Minutes of Hell" mantra, and their defense can be perfectly frantic when they turn it up. Organized chaos. Besides, no NCAA tourney would be complete without the name "Squeaky Johnson" somewhow involved.

Whatever happened to UNLV's "Amoeba" defense?

Indiana could not have been more disappointing. After frantically working their way back into the picture, the Hoosiers were thumped by Minnesota with a performance that looked a lot like a postseason game during Bob Knight's final few years at the school. In other words, they were utterly flat. It will be interesting to see how much one game can get the howls for Mike Davis' head going again.

Maybe Minnesota is better then they get credit for. And, man, do the Gophers have some big oaks playing inside. Dudes look like lumberjacks. And perfectly Minnesotan.

Iowa's Jeff Horner is the Midwest's J.J. Redick. No word on if he also writes poetry.

I don't much care what bracket they end up in, I'm penciling into the Sweet Sixteen Illinois, North Carolina,Villanova, Louisville, UConn, and Winthrop. Yeah, that's right, Winthrop. And Oklahoma.

Put me down as a big Steve Lavin fan. Fine commentator. And his hair still hasn't moved. And I like Lavin paired up with Brent Musburger. Like Musberger or not, whom many don't, his voice can be heard calling some of the NBA's most memorable games from the late '70s/early '80s. His voice is an ESPN Classic staple. There's something comforting in hearing that voice calling a Northwestern game. The voice of a basketball junkie.

Speaking of Northwestern, those slim bubble hopes of the Cats for an NIT berth went POP!

If Memphis wins the Conference USA tourney they are officially the Michael Jackson of college basketball. Crazy, crazy mofos. A roller coaster, nay, a circus. The Pope's health is more stable than the Tigers, who despite their schizophrenia, are finally playing the high-flying ball that was expected of them. They get Louisville today - at home - for a spot in the tourney.

South Florida? Cincinnati lost badly to South Florida? Someone tell the Bearcats that they're not supposed to choke until the NCAA tournament. Come on, it's tradition.

Should a team get in with a 7-10 conference record? No way. Bye bye, Maryland. Nobody needs to see Gary Williams sweat in HDTV, anyway.

I'm loving Alabama even though I've seen them play exactly once, when they lost a close game at home to Kentucky recently. They've absolutely tore up some opponents since then, including Mississippi yesterday. They may get another shot at Kentucky in the SEC tourney.

If ever there was a poor man's Tony Parker it's his little bro, T.J. Parker of Northwestern. I wonder if T.J. ever asks himself, "WTF? How did Tony get to be point guard for ther Spurs and date Eva Longoria - and I play for Northwestern?" Life is unfair.

West Virginia is one of those teams you can't help but root for.

Jared Dedley and Sean Marshall of Boston College may be the two most annoying players in college basketball. Am I wrong here?

Goodbeye, Gene Keady. Seashells and balloons.


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