Thursday, March 10, 2005


2:30 DePaul-UAB.

Only one thing is certain about this Conference USA quaterfinal: the winner gets in the NCAA tourney. Or at least you would think so.

The Blue Demons beat Tulane yesterday, and there's a hopeful feeling that's all they needed to do to secure a berth, but nothing is certain. A loss here by either team leaves them crossing their fingers come Selection Sunday.

Sammy Meija came within two rebounds of recording the first triple-double in DePaul history against the Green Wave. That's hard to believe. George Mikan? Mark Aguirre? Terry Cummings? The immortal Tom Kleinschmidt? None of them ever did the deed?

Maybe Mejia gets his triple-double today. That would be nice. And maybe Quemont Greer plays like he was midseason and Drake Diener gets hot. That would be just as nice.

Unfortunately, Levar Seals may miss the game getting his back rubbed by a hot trainer, the price he must pay for taking a nasty spill while being intentionally fouled yesterday.


Damarcus Beasley may just be the most successful American to make the move to the big time soccer of Europe - ever? He's getting there.

You could make a case for a few other Yanks, but they were mostly goalkeepers. Claudio Reyna had a nice run playing in Europe, too.

But Beasely is playing for one of Europe's most storied teams in PSV Eindhoven. And not only that, he's getting time and scoring goals, as he did yesterday as PSV eliminated last year's runner-up, Monaco, from the Champions League. If Eindhoven's run in the Champions League continues, and Beasely find the back of the net again, you can make an argument that no other American has had such an impact. Of course, it would help if he could crack the starting lineup.

I wonder if SportCenter showed Beaseley's goal. Probably not. Here it is.

I wonder how much the Fire will miss Beasely this year?

PSV's first goal (Vennegoor's) is sweet also, if you want to check it out.


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