Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Random Thoughts of (March) Madness, Pt. 2


Let's take a look at the Albuquerque region as we wait for Dick Vitale to wipe his chin and zip up Coach K.

On paper, this region is loaded. Stacked. If this was soccer, it would be dubbed the "Group of Death." But it's not soccer, so it's just the region that offers a trip to Albuquerque as a reward. Yay! But, yeah, this region is tough. I mean, NBA legend Larry Krystkowiak coaches Montana. That's tough...Washington earned a surprise No. 1 seed. Let's hope the Huskies live up to it, or these people will be crushed...Many suspect the Huskies might be prone for an upset, but they're forgetting the all important ITPGF. (Inspirational Tiny Point Guard Factor.) This cannot be underestimated. Think Earl Boykins and Eastern Michigan...Somehow the Final Four would be better with Nate Robinson involved, if only because it would mean Chris Paul wouldn't be...I always love to see the tourney make its way to Boise. What a great, and underrated, basketball arena. One of the best...I ask you this about Wake Forest: Is Skip Prosser a good coach, a national title-type coach? I'm not convinced...If Gonzaga fails to reach the Sweet 16 for the third straight year, do the Zags go from being everyone's favorite Cinderella to being a paper tiger?...What exactly is a Zag?...Louisville was jobbed by the NCAA committee. How does a team go 29-4 in a power conference, win it's tourney, and get a fourth seed?...As good as Francisco Garcia and Ellis Myles are, the Cardinals are at their best when Larry O'Bannon is hot. If he heats up, I like the Cards...Isn't Rick Pitino about due for a return to the Final Four?...Anyone notice that Georgia Tech is 2-9 against the tourney field?...The Jackets have been inconsistent all year. Don't expect that to change all of a sudden...I'd love to see Bob Knight's Texas Tech team cause some damage, if only to infuriate all of his critics...That said, the Red Raiders seem to play one stinker at least every 3-4 games. When are they due?...West Virginia may have too many white guys to be a threat...I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Actually, the simple fact that it's West Virginia means it won't be a threat...Let me get this straight: the Mountaineers are playing in Cleveland? Hmm. The state of West Virginia and the city of Cleveland together? Splendid...I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Without West Virginia where would inbreeding humor be? Nowhere, that's where...Pacific has plenty of foreigners on its roster, meaning the Tigers are dangerous...I wonder if "Michael" and "Olakawandi" are painful words to Pacific fans...Pittsburgh, much like Georgia Tech, has been way too inconsistent to expect anything else now...Creighton is a tourney vet. Could be dangerous...UCLA? 1-7 against the tourney field? Check back on the young Bruins next year...The Bruins did manage to cause a lot of damage to Notre Dame's tourney hopes, and for that I am grateful...Quick: name a George Washington alum other than Yinka Dare...Louisiana-Lafayette has some straight-up athletes. Gazelles. Their matchup with Louisville could be one of the better games of the first round...Winthrop? I'm this close to penciling the Eagles in the Sweet 16. No, I'm serious...Chattanooga coach John Shulman has a hot wife. Very hot, actually. Yes, I notice these things...Montana? Coached by Krystkowiak. Enough said.

Sweet Sixteen - Washington, Louisville, Gonzaga, Wake Forest

The pick - Wake Forest. Yeah, an ACC pick. Shocking.

EDIT: I changed my mind. Screw Wake Forest. I can't stomach the thought of Chris Paul having the opportunity to punch someone in the balls in the Final Four. Besides, U-Dub was my gut pick and I was led astray by all the Huskies naysayers, whom are abundant. So...



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