Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Corner Turned?

If any team can use a break, it's the Cubs. And, no, I'm not referring to their World Series drought.

There has been a nagging rain clould hanging over the Cubs' heads ever since their 2003 NLCS meltdown. While things could only seem to get better after the 2004 season was ruined by injuries and meltdowns in the media, that likelihood has not happened. Kerry Wood has been shaky and unhealthy. Nomar Garciaparra was horrible before tearing his groin. Carlos Zambrano continues to be deranged. Chad Fox's elbow of wet toilet paper ripped apart and further weakened a laughable bullpen. Dusty Baker has been maligned ceaselessly. Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers was hit by a car.

It hasn't been pretty. In fact, it's been depressing.

So perhaps Wednesday's 8-7 win over the Reds, a feel-good day all around, can change the Cubs' fortunes. They overcame deficits of 6-1 and 7-4. Derrick Lee kicked his already torrid pace into overdrive with two homers and six RBIs. Corey Patterson, no stranger to heavy scrutiny, hit a walkoff homer. Hell, even LaTroy Hawkins managed to pitch the ninth inning without blowing the game.

So maybe this was a win that can spark a little joy in the Cubs locker room and shake that rain cloud that has been dogging them. They certainly could use it.

Then again, maybe it was just a meaningless win against a weak Reds team prone to blowing leads. We'll see.


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