Monday, April 11, 2005

Give Me Some Truth

Last week eighteen people died when a United States helicopter crashed. It was uncertain as to why exactly the helicopter crashed. Something mechanical, maybe. Or possibly bad weather. There was no mention of the helicopter being shot down.

There is never any mention of the helicopter being shot down.

Everytime a U.S. helicopter crashes, which is surprisingly often, go ahead and take note. There is always some reason for the crash that sounds much more reasonable or somehow acceptable or nice than to say it was shot down by the dreaded enemy. Perhaps being downed by the wind is preferable to being downed by bullet. Perhaps in the eyes of some.

Preferable? Yes.

Likely? No.

Million$$$$$$ are spent on these helicopters - and movies are made based on them! - and yet we are told, time after time, that they've crashed because the weather changed or a few screws were loose.

This doesn't make sense.

Why not tell the truth? There have been too many downed U.S. helicopters and too many flimsy excuses. The excuses have been more transparent than a baseball player's apology.

Then I saw this video, which, ironically, surfaced on the Big Boyz website where I found it at roughly the same time news of last week's helicopter crash did likewise.

It made me wonder why our glorious leaders don't level with the American people.

If they choose to spend our tax money on their wars, and choose to wage these wars with American men and women, they should at least have the courtesy to tell the truth , the whole truth, and allow Americans to decide for themselves if they like what has been paid for in their name. No matter how ugly that truth is.

For instance, it might be helpful and handy if they included the cost of the Iraq war when they announce the budget. It might paint a different picture. Do they mean to imply that the money being spent for falling helicopters is somehow magical or nonexistent? Does it not count?

But then, when have they ever been known to tell the truth, the whole truth, or anything even resembling the truth?

(Sidenote: Did you see those guys at the end of the video screaming and hollering something about Allah? Total jackasses. Those jokers pretty much summed up the entire Muslim stereotype. Sad.)


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