Wednesday, April 20, 2005

He's Serious

Now that Charles Oakley is retired - for the time being anyway - can we get him on a talk show? Maybe team him with Charles Barkley and the gang on TNT? The guy can certainly talk some sense, such as when he breaks down the apocalyptic Tim Floyd era of Bulls basketball (sorry to remind you)...

"He's probably best for the college game. The NBA wasn't really his cup of tea. He wasn't patient enough. You've got be more committed -- more of an X and O guy. He's just a rah-rah guy and that's not going to work in the NBA. You've got to present something to rah-rah about. He just wanted to rah-rah but he had nothing to present."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Except the part about Jerry Krause raising the levels of GM ineptitude to heights even the likes of the hilariously lost Isiah Thomas will have trouble reaching.

Oakley, who claims to have got 60% of the NBA on marijuana, also sums up the disease of NBA-itis nicely...

"It's probably gone up (marijuana use). You still see guys getting caught with marijuana in their cars and in their homes. It's happening every day. If you only have one test every October, you can clean your system out right before that and start smoking until next August. The test is a joke. And right now the league is a joke because the guys don't respect the league, they don't respect the guys who paved the way for them and they don't respect management. You see guys on the court and they look lost. They can't run an offense. When a time out is called, they don't even know where to go."

Plenty of other goodness in the interview about Oakley beating people up and stuff. I wonder if Oakley is angry about leading the NBA in rebounding twice for the Bulls only to be being traded shortly before the championship started rolling in. Maybe.

Whatever. I'll get my car washed at his place next time I'm in Yonkers.

(Thanks, DSafetyGuy.)


Blogger Jackie Chiles said...

Knickerbockers should bring him back. Can't be much worse than the current crop of undersized forward bums. At least he'd be good for some bows and some line drive "jump" shots from the top of the key. Seriously though, there's a man who earned his stripes.

9:36 PM  

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