Thursday, April 21, 2005

History In Pictures

I stumbled upon this cool site with all kinds of photos of White Sox history. Check it out. There are some real gems in there, like this one...

Love the shorts. Or this one...

Gee, drunk White Sox fans storming the field? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you. (Only White Sox fans, man, only White Sox fans.) This pic is my favorite...

Those two happy dudes are still having a good time in the White Sox dugout today as coaches.


I found this lyrical ode to John Paxson written by a guy named DuckIII on a Bulls message board. Not too shabby, Duck, not too shabby...

I must rebuild this team, it is my sacred task.
Jay Williams looks nice, but sadly, alas,
He showed poor choice and he is now dust.
I shall mend what was steel, but has since turned to rust.

I'll draft a harsh point guard,
who never tries "to hard"
He'll play defense, and so very much more
Each night he will leave all he has on the floor.

Now lets see what kind of hand I've been dealt
Sorrow! This team is as I suspected and felt.
It is now time for a dramatic purge.
A complete overhaul is what I must urge.

Who will accept my gift of a Rose?
A Canadian is who I shall hose.
I shall quickly send them my ever-wilting flower,
For a veteran presence, and rebounding power.

Now the season is over, and I with a frown,
Realize that much more "stuff" must go down.
What I desire is another sound fix.
Lo! Isaiah the fool, GMs the Knicks.

I'll trade him JYD and JC
And sit back with glee,
As I draft a killer named Ben
And a glue kid named Deng.

The season now starts, and I am unsure,
But with Skiles, I trust we will play pure.
It is fact that the "right way" truly exists,
This team will play that way, Skiles will insist.

Whats this? Curry demands a trade?
Lacy Banks, you ass, I won't be swayed.
I'll stick to my guns even with this slow start,
And have faith that my team will learn the fine art.

As Gordon excells and Deng pushes on,
Chapu kicks in, and so does Duhon.
Injuries? Suspensions? They are but a bump.
No team I construct will be forced to a slump.

Now I sit here at home on April 19th,
And wonder if this team, the Wizards can beat.
My team has home court, and that will be fun,
But YEARS lay ahead and my work is not done.

I'm happy for now, as you all must know.
But content I am not. No, no, no, no.
Contentment is achieved by only one thing.
Yes, dear fans, I require a ring.


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