Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reason No. 1,476 To Love The Bulls

Last night the Bulls wrapped up their regular season with an 85-83 loss to the Pacers. They played without Tyson Chandler, who sat out with an ankle injury. Being a meaningless game to the Bulls, the starters rested most of the night. The Pacers, meanwhile, were playing all out in an effort to avoid the Pistons in the first round and instead face the much more manageable Celtics. It was Reggie Miller's last regular season game in Indy and emotions were high as a well-deserved lovefest between Reggie and the Pacers faithful ensued.

It should have been a blowout, right? If it had been, it would have been understandable.

But it wasn't.

Instead the Bulls fought back from an eight point deficit with about 5-6 minutes to play and took a lead. Trailing by two points with 1.8 seconds left, they forced a turnover on an inbounds pass and were only a missed Jannero Pargo jumper from tying the game in miraculous fashion.

And the Bulls lineup during their fourth quarter run? Pargo, Eric Piatkowski, Adrian Griffin, Jared Reiner, and Lawrence Funderburke. Not necessarily a lineup that will put a scare into a lot of hearts, eh?

Though the comeback ultimately fell short, it was a microcosm of a Bulls team that always plays hard, never gives up, and somehow defies the odds, no matter how many supposed spare parts are on the floor. It was a fitting final few minutes to a regular season of unexpected joy.

By the way, who knew Pargo was such a player? I love the guy's confidence. Love it. He's definitely earning a pay raise of late, whether it be with the Bulls or someone else. Hopefully the Bulls. I love Pargo coming off the bench. And he's a native South Sider. Gotta love that.


Good bye, Reggie Miller. Few players played with as much class. There are plenty of young players in the NBA who could learn a thing or two from Miller. He'll be missed.


Someone get Mia Hamm - fast! Nomar needs his groin rubbed.

Well, the 2005 season really couldn't have started much worse for Nomar. Then again, he might be faking it. You might too if Hamm was at home waiting to rub your groin.


The Tribune has run yet another story about the endless stream of bad blood between Steve Stone and the Cubs. Nice job, Trib, way to pick at old wounds. What an exciting story you continue to pursue!

I jest

This storyline is old and tired. Very.

Can we all just agree that everyone involved in this pathetic debacle is a whiny bitch and move on? Please?

Are Dusty Baker and his players cranky curmedgeons for continually picking battles with the media? Yes.

Is Stone a bitter man probably still harboring ill-will for never getting the Cubs general manager position? Yes. (I suspect that Stone is extremely jealous of Baker for coming into town and making the Cubs instant contenders the past two years. I also suspect that Stone is an asshole.)

Is this story really #$%@ annoying? Yes.

So drop it already.


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