Monday, April 11, 2005

Tonight's Likes - 4/11/06

Bulls +1.5 over the Pistons

This is a weird game. The Bulls wrapped up their first playoff spot since 1998 on Saturday night. They might have a hangover. On the other hand, the Pistons have been playing mediocre lately, notwithstanding yesterday's road win over the Shaq-less Heat. I gotta bet the Bulls tonight, though. Sort of a thank you bet, or a show of faith.

Besides, the Bulls still need to wrap up home-court in the first round. The Pistons, essentially, are playing for nothing at this point, other than to pay Larry Brown's hospital bills.

Pacers -2.5 at Toronto
The Raptors are terrible. Too little defense. Too many piss poor attitudes. The Pacers, meanwhile, are quietly a hot, hot team. They've damn near played their way into home-court in the first round. Nice to see Reggie Miller go out with a bang.


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What happened to posting your record, duke?

Stop being so modest.

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