Friday, April 22, 2005

WWHD - What Would Harry Do?

As I continued to simmer over the treatment Dusty Baker has received in Chicago, I suddenly asked myself a question:

What would Harry Carey have thought of Steve Stone's actions last summer.

I'm guessing he would have been perplexed, maybe even disappointed. Then he would have asked for another beer and laughed it off.

The 2004 Cubs, despite an uncanny rash of injuries, were in playoff contention late in the season. Yet Stone engaged in a bitter war of wards with the team. Back and forth. He never let it go.

Can you imagine Carey doing anything but enjoying a Cubs team that had a real shot at the playoffs?

I certainly can't

Apparently, in all the years Stone spent with Carey, he never truly picked up what it means to be a Cubs fan.


Blogger daisyduke said...

Chicago sports, in general, rule. As do your hotdogs. Gone but not forgotten are Harry Carey (sexy glasses wearing 7th inning singer, and my fave Ernie Harwell)They are, I'm sure, rolling in their graves at all this...don't sweat it though, man; just keep showing up

11:07 AM  

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