Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yapping Wizards

If you needed a reminder that Washingtom hasn't been in the NBA playoffs since the franchise was known as the Bullets, the current Wizards provided it. Yup, there's nothing smarter than sprouting fighting words to a guy who just torched you for 25 points and 18 rebounds.

But, hey, these are the Wizards, and they have plenty to yap about when it comes to Andres Nocioni.

"Happy birthday," Antawn Jamison said of Nocioni's effort. "That's all I've got to say. Happy birthday. It was a present [from the Wizards]."

A gift? Well, wasn't that nice.

These are the same Wizards who went into Game One complaining about the so-called dirty play of Nocioni and Tyson Chandler. So this is nothing new.

The funny thing is, Nocioni and Chandler are two bad mofos. The Wizards are teasing the wrong dogs here. If anything, this will only rev their motors even more, if that's possible.

So, hey, it's all good. Yap away.


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