Monday, June 27, 2005

Does Bashing Isiah Thomas Get Old?

Not yet.

Several years of his smug ass smirking while playing dirty basketball against the Bulls leaves some long-lasting scars.

Check out Isiah's blog. Hilarious.

The funny part is that it's so true.

He's currently luring a deal for Quentin Richardson. Why? Aren't Jamal Crawford, Allan Houston, and Penny Hardaway virtually the same player (and none of them anything special)? Didn't he see Q disappear during the playoffs? Does he have a crush on Brandy? What is it? What is possibly going through his head? I'm imagining one of those Simpsons moments when the inside of Homer's brain is shown and it's powered by hamsters running in circles.

If I knew how to photoshop, I'd find a photo of Isiah and paste a big fat "Doh!" above his head in a cartoon bubble. Or maybe it could be "Did I do that?"

(Thanks, Greenblood)


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