Monday, June 27, 2005

Vlad Just Another Joker Mad With Power

As much as I bash the complete joke that is this Bush administration, I begin to feel a little dirty at times. I don't want to hate America. Or maybe it's just the filthy, fighting Republicans getting to me with all of their cheap and easy labelling of liberals and the Left and just about anyone who disagrees with their misguided agendas as traitors and disloyal subjects to the dirty king.

Either way, maybe it's time I get to doing the American thing and bash the leaders of other countries, especially former communist countries. Old tricks. Yes, the Reds. They've always been easy to pick on.

Vladimir Putin, GFY.

It seems Vlad wanst a third term, and may just get it. Now, in the same style of the brain-washing, steel-fisted leaders of yesteryear, men who thought communism was a good idea, men who perfected propaganda, men who taught Putin his brash determination, the news is naturally being presented as a great and innocent idea:

Under the amendment, popularly elected leaders in the executive branch of power -- the president and mayors -- could run for a third term if early elections were held before their second term expired and a court found the early election invalid and ordered a new vote.

Huh? It all sounds like a neat little scheme to get more time for Putin in office. Fuck that. No man is bigger than any democracy, nor any other form of government for that matter. If America, as Bush will tell you with a straight face, really wants to spread and preserve democracy, then it should do it all it can politically to prevent this - if it can do anything at all.

It should do this on principle.

Of course, our leaders only fight for the priciples of democracy when there is blood and destrction to make them feel like they've accomplished something.

And if their is oil, then so much better.

We shall see where the "principles" of democracy are truly fought for. I'm not saying we should even be meddling necessarily. However, if BushCo. can explain the destruction of one country on a fight for democracy, then it should maintain the fight on all levels, even if it means meddling and, after all, it would be a much less bloody form of meddling. Otherwise, BushCo. is nothing but a collection of hypocrites.


Then again, our credibility is pretty much shot at this point in time anyway. I guess that's about the worst thing you can say about a president. When much of the rest of the world thinks you're a dick, you're probably a dick. America is run by dicks.

Putin isn't much better. No wonder Georgie boy says the two are such famous friends. How aften do you meet someone else who also thinks that power is to be obtained by all means, and maintained by all means? Both think they are bigger than the countries and people they represent and probably snicker amongst themselves when the cameras are not there to capture their amused arrogance.


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