Sunday, June 26, 2005

What Was Jim Rome Thinking?

I stumbled upon a video clip of Jim Everett going balistic on Jim Rome after Rome insisted on calling him Chris. Funny stuff.

On top of being a colossal prick during the interview, Rome had seemingly forgotten that Everett wasn't a bad quarterback. He had a few phenomenal years with the Rams before the entire organization went down the toilet in the '90s. One year he beat both the Giants and Eagles on the road in the playoffs. Not too shabby.

The Bears will probably be evaluating Everett to coax him out of retirement by Week Six this fall.

Speaking of the Bears, I caught a news clip of the rookies doing some sort of charity work with kids. Cedric Benson, Mark Bradley, and Kyle Orton were there. Maybe others. Benson looked good. Despite my dismay that the Bears didn't draft Mike Williams, Benson will be easy to root for. He may also prove to be pretty damn good.

Run, Cedric, Run!


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