Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bye, Maggs...Now SLUMP!!!

The White Sox officially said goodbye to Magglio Ordonez in his retun to Chicago by graciously bowing down for two out of three games to the Tigers, Maggs' new team. How nice of them.

Maggs went 7-for-10 in the series and all signs point to him being back. I know I should be happy for him as he was the game's most underrated player for a number of years, and a class citizen, with the Sox. So I am. To a degree.

But he left. For what? More money.

Oh, well.

One positive was that the Sox, down 8-3 heading into the bottom of the ninth, scored three times and had the winning run at the plate in Tadahito Iguchi. Iguchi had hit a solo home run in the first. Now with runners at first and second, and the suddenly-present sun setting after an earlier rain delay, this could have been Iguchi's day. THE day. Alas, he grounded out.

But the Sox came back and were there, right there, right where they needed to be. It could have happened. That's always a good sign if there are good signs to be found from a loss.

So Maggs had his day. Good for him. Too bad it's best he never does that against the Sox again.

The Cubs, meanwhile, continue the Triple A portion of their schedule by beating up on the Reds. Of course, Kerry Wood left after only three innings yesterday, possibly hurt. In related news, Mike Tyson is ape shit crazy and the world has plenty of stupid, stupid people.

Speaking of Wood, Matt Clement pitches tonight against the Sox. You remember Clement - he's the guy the Cubs should have kept instead of Wood. Now he's with Boston and has pitched well this year, just as he normally did with the Cubs. Go figure.

But Clemente can be hit and the Sox need to hit him, preferably before the bottom of the ninth this time.

Mark Buehrle starts for the Sox.

Tonight's pick to click: Konerko. I know the dude can hit .300. I know it. He's done it before.


The Gold Cup semifinals are happening tonight in New York to crown the king of CONCACAF. The United States has to be the favorite here. On home soil, and both Mexico and Costa Rica having been surprisingly ousted, it would be a major upset should the U.S. not win it all at this point.

Tonight the U.S. faces Honduras, which has played splendid throughout the tourney and has been known to knock off the big boys from time to time. Wilmer Velazquez and Milton Nunez and are a nice pair of striker. The key will be how the U.S. is able to control Milton Nunez's hair.

Panama plays Colombia in the other semifinal and I will most certainly be rooting for Panama. Nothing against Colombia, but I don't buy this "invited guest" team garbage for a tournament specifically designed to crown CONCACAF's champion. Panama ousted the other other "invite", South Africa, in the last round, so the Canaleros have a chance to magnificently represent their region.

Colombia has to be the favorite, at least on paper. Panama's run in the Gold Cup is the best run they have had in a tourney - ever. Colombia has played on much bigger stages. But perhaps the lure of playing the U.S. in the Big Apple for all the marbles will be enough to inspire Panama to the upset victory. I certainly hope so.


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