Sunday, July 31, 2005

Dogs After Loose Meat, Baby!

Get Cedric Benson in camp. Now.

Mike McCaskey needs to grow a pair and give Benson the money he is due for being the fourth overall pick in the draft. The rest of the top five picks are slowly starting to sign, so the amount due is getting easier to judge. So let's get it done. The last thing the Bears offense needs after last year's debacle is to be missing key guys in camp.

Because the defense is going to be nasty. Nas-ty. Urlacher and Company have a real chance to be scary good. I'm telling you. Scary good. Dogs after loose meat, baby, dogs after loose meat!

Lions. Done.
Vikings. Done. Done.
Packers. Done. Done. DONE!!!

Brian Urlacher. Tommie Harris. Lance Briggs. Mike Brown. Charles Tillman. Adewale Ogunleye. Jerry Azumah. Mike Green. Alex Brown. Nathan Vasher.


If you're a Bears fan, I want you to look at these defensive guys and play a song that gets your blood bubbling, something that gets you excited, something that makes you feel like hitting something or someone. I'm listening to Limp Bizkit's version of the Mission Impossible theme song. Yeah, I know Limp Bizkit sucks and Fred Durst is a colossal prick, but they rock that song. It gets me going. Now I know why you wanna hate me. Now I know why you wanna hate me. NOW I KNOW WHY YOU WANNA HATE ME!!!



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