Saturday, July 02, 2005

Grill Rove

I want to see Karl Rove grilled. Grill his fat, bald ass. And then grill it again.

And again.

Let's take Rove's troubles and run with them.

This is a door that must be opened and walked through.

This little servant man defends men who wage wars and distort truth and downright lie and don't give a fuck about you or me and generally make a muck of what America has stood for and should stand for. Always. And they do it because they can and no one has stopped them.

Rove is a little servant man who has chosen to fight for unworthy men, his masters who are masters of nothing. I don't want to say Rove picked the wrong side, as I'm tired of all the childish, devisive carry-on by all "sides". But I will say that Rove picked the wrong people.

Bush. Cheney. Rumsfeld. Etcetera...

Rove picked incompetents and assholes. He picked men who have, in a nutshell, accomplished nothing in their lives.

Rove joined in the illegal activity, in the tainted and cheated elections, in the lies about WMDs, in the lucrative business deals on the side.

Rove fucked up.

Now, it's highly possible, and more than likely, that nothing will come of it. But that's beside the point. If Republicans want to relentlessly grill Bill Clinton about getting his dick sucked, then I want Rove grilled for his illegal indiscretions like it's the Fourth of July and you hold a chilled beer and the sun is out and you have good songs jamming in the background and your friends are smiling.

And then I want some lighter fluid shot at that grill. Like a hose. More.

No matter what charges can be hurled at Rove, well, that's not really important. The charges will still not match the shady misdeeds of this administration, misdeeds Rove has urged along, fought dirty for, and smiled at. Smirked at.

So put him on trial looking guilty and defensive and sweaty so all the world can see. Why not?

You have to start somewhere, with someone. Why not start with Rove?

And then line them all up. All of them. One by one.

Will Rove go to jail? In a perfect world, yes. But probably not in this world. Besides, Bush would probably simply pardon him and then they'd smoke cigars and laugh and think themselves so clever.

Too bad about the jail. I have a feeling Rove might enjoy it, if you know what I mean.


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