Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, America

Howard Dean sends his greetings..

Others too.

Meanwhile, summer carries on as usual in all its ugly and lovely heat. The female population is wearing just the right clothes. Barbecues always sound like a good idea.

So it's all good.

The All-Star Game is near. Buehrle, Garland and Konerko are going to be there representing the White Sox.

Dutin Hermanson and Cliff Politte woulda, coulda, shoulda. They have been good enough. Only so many roster spots.

I saw a poll asking who was the biggest All-Star snub and it offered six options. Jermaine Dye was there so I voted for him. He finished in dead last with only 5% clicking his name, so oh well. At least he was mentioned.

Derrek Lee is going for the Cubs. Obviously.

Sammy Sosa will not be there.

So America's game is humming along and the summer is not near to setting.

Of course, there are always the assclowns.

Congrats to Venus and Lindsey Davenport and Andy Roddick for being American and playing well at Wimbledon for all the Brits and to all the hot tennis chicks and to Roger Federer for being dominant. And Swiss. The Swiss are alright.

Karl Rove is na na na na na na na hey hey goodbye. It's like a birthday gift for America from wherever such funny and true and perfect gifts come from. Lift the rock and watch all the bugs squirm back into the darkneass from whence they came. Send them all to prison or back to Texas or wherever the hell they want to go but get them the hell away from ru(i)nning things. And keep an eye on them. Wolves do adapt.

Other than that, America is still fucked up and funny and not so funny at times and dying and giving birth to summers for new days just like any good civilization should. Some might say some men do ru(i)n it. Some might say. Set it ablaze. Set it back. Set the bones. But we all know we're watching.

This shit
will not
be forgot

Unlike Paris Hilton. I don't think so. She called herself American "royalty"? Her quote, not mine.

She should stick to blow jobs or getting naked for hamburger meat or whatever it is she does best. Or she should just stand there and look like this:

If I mention her name again anytime soon, slap me.

I can think of much better candidates. Jessica Biel, for instance. She's all American. Goodgawd is she American.

So are Jenny Finch, Evangeline Lilly, and that one blonde chick who played basketball at Tennessee.

Pat Summit is American.

This chick is pretty funny and American. So is this guy.

Robert Novak is a sorry American. Him and his smug mug in newspapers and his writing pure garbage as if he has a clue, which he doesn't. Send Novak to jail, too. Can this happen? Just checking. At least fire him. Or stop publishing his filth and propaganda.

I love the fact that Newsweek has its name in the middle of the Rove mess, basically being more than willing to expose the slimy bastard. Rock on.

It was the White House that not long ago, in a defense reflex of laughable proportions, tried to blame Newseek for the Iraqi mess, as well as any meteors that might possibly collide with the earth. Just in case.



Just as long as the rest of us can watch baseball and get excited at the ice cream truck bells and go to church or the titty bar and watch and play Little League games and laugh at Tom Cruise and (if lucky) maybe get Pink Floyd in its entirety instead of dumbass VJs and bet on Canadian football and get drunk or get clean and and all live out our little realities and fantasies...'s all good.


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