Friday, July 29, 2005

Show Him the Money

Have the Bears signed Cedric Benson yet?

No? Why not?

Look, the Bears defense has a chance to be something special this year. Urlacher, Harris, Peanut, O-Gun, Briggs, etc. The D is going to be awesome. Awesome.

So why must the Bears foul things up by heading into camp without their first-round running back? Why do the McCaskeys lack all common sense and, in the case of Mike McCaskey, balls?

Give Benson some money and let him run the ball left, right, and up the middle. This decision isn't difficult.


Drew Rosenhaus must be vanquished. His time as court jester is complete. Throw him to the dogs.

Now that star names such as Terrell Owens and Javon Walker have decided against his advice and will be attending their respective team's camps, Rosenhaus is now imploring the Lions Eddie Drummond to holdout. It's as though Rosenhaus is just running down a list of players he hopes to $$$$$$core big with.

This is all Rosenhaus is good for - acting huffy and puffy, taking his ball and going home. That's his big "plan".

It appears as though Drummond was set to report.

"Drummond, a Pro Bowl kick returner, was in the Detroit area and wanted to get situated, but his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told him not to report, according to Mariucci."

Yet Rosenhaus is advising Drummond to make the quite possibly career-damaging decision to simply not show up.

Rosenhaus is uing these players. He desires fame and power and, of course, money, and he's willing to go to ridiculous and damaging lengths to attain them. Rosenhaus isn't thinking of the players' well-being. He's advising them to not play the game that has made them rich, not to mention the game that they love. He's a troublemaker and a little man.

Normally, I side with players over owners when it comes to all things business. Who wants to be on the side of grumpy, greedy old men thinking of the bottom line?

But in the case of Rosenhaus, I'd be all in favor of the owners seeing to it that Rosenhaus is squashed and sent back into oblivion.


Benson signed yet?


Nolan Richardson has signed on to coach the national basketball team of Panama. I love this move. Panama! Who knew Panama even HAD a basketball team?

Say what you will about Richardson - and his exit from Arkansas remains murky - the guy can coach. The Razorbacks were a mini-dynsasty and always a tough out with Richardson at the helm. It's too bad he has been absent from the college game for so long now. When DePaul was recently looking for a new coach, his name was rather amusingly mentioned. Nobody thought it would actually happen, and it didn't. But it wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing if it had.

With the arrival of Richardson, and the Canaleros recent run to the championship game of the Gold Cup, it looks like Panama is a place to be.


Benson signed yet?


What is it about kids playing sports that makes grownups act like complete tools.


Benson signed yet?


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