Sunday, July 03, 2005

Something Strange Happened On The Way To Being Really, Really Ticked At Joe Crede

He got good.

And just in time. You best believe White Sox fans have felt their temperatures rise watching Crede at the plate. A'plenty.

OK, Crede's batting average continues to struggle, and the image of vintage Crede pop-ups and innning-ending grounders aren't far from the clearest of memories of any Sox fan.

But the guy is hitting homers at a decent rate, in big games no less, most recently against the Cubs and last night in the Coliseum in Oakland, a stadium notorious for Sox miseries.

And more importantly, and even better, is that something strange has happened.

Crede has become an amazing third baseman. Defensively, I cannot think of better. Suddenly, he's that rare infielder whose ease and efficiency in the field are something to admire. He makes it look easy.

It's interesting that Crede has played well against the A's as all the talk of Eric Chavez-to-the-Sox talk swirls. You know Crede has heard the rumors. Perhaps he has a chip on his shoulder, though his 'aw, shucks' demeanor would never tip it off. Or perhaps it's Crede developing into being dependable, at long last.

It would be nice if his batting average shot up to something a bit more respectable. I think that can happen. And Crede's power potential has far frome peaked, not that it's shabby now. Thirty home run seasons are capable by Crede, perhaps even upon us. His bat shows definite signs of life.

In the meantime, his work with the glove is nothing to be overlooked.


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