Thursday, July 28, 2005


WTF is going on with the White Sox lately, especially defensively? Three unearned runs given up last week to the Red Sox, three errors on Tuesday night against the Royals, and three more unearned runs on Wednesday in a dumb 6-5 loss to KC - a game they led 5-0.

That sounds like everything the Sox are against. Stupid mistakes and errors. That's exactly what they did not do while building MLB's best record.

Perhaps leading the AL Central by double-digits in games dulls the edge. Perhaps the Sox are looking ahead to a fun stretch, stretch, stretch against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Twins. Perhaps it's just a lull period that even the best of teams will go through in a 162-game schedule.

All I know is that the Sox better get that edge back starting this weekend in Baltimore.

Speaking of Camden Yards, interesting article here about the "new" cookie-cutter stadiums. Believe it or not, at the very end the Cell gets a big pat on the back.


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