Monday, August 15, 2005

Benson Or Griffey, Jr.?

This is a poll!

Which would you rather see happen NOW!:

A. Cedric Benson in Bears camp.
B. Ken Griffey, Jr. in a White Sox uniform.
C. Both. Make it happen, baby!

(If you're looking for "D. Neither," it is not an option.)

Edit: Cedric Benson has signed with the Dolphins, meaning Benson is now the only unsigned top five pick. And the world continues to fall directly upon the sadly inept Jerry Angelo.

This is another poll!

Some tight-assed people are upset about the horrific possibility of being forced to look at Maria Sharapova's "delicate portions." (i.e., her nipples.) Goodgawd, no, nipples!?!?! The horror! Anything but nipples!

Which do you prefer...

A. Pre-tight assed inspection

B. Post-tight assed doctoring

I fully expect a landslide.


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