Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Did He Get WHAT?!?!

I realize I have said that I'm trying to ignore the TO Philly soap opera, but TO is supposedly back at camp "talking" to Andy Reid and possibly even "practicing" if he feels up to it and this headline is hilarious. (Hat tip, Jerloma.) I can just imagine TO opening up his morning paper, seeing that headline, and spewing coffee everywhere over his crumpets in his mansion.

Whatever. Donovan McNabb has pulled through this debacle looking as he always does, classy. He said his piece in a humorous press conference and went back to business. Just like he always does.

I still can't believe TO has the audacity to question a quarterback (or entire organization, for that matter) aiming for his fifth consecutive NFC title game. Ridiculous.

At this point, is the TO/Philly relatioship even repairable?

I'm thinking TO reluctantly goes back to camp, is in shape by Week One, thinks up some new touchdown celebrations, the Eagles are major contenders yet again, and Andy Reid has a Dick Vermeil moment and wonders if he still enjoys coaching.

I will now go back to ignoring anything TO related.


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