Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm guessing 1-10

They'll nip Western Michigan or Navy.


This weeks's Sports Illustrated has a funny article about the upcoming schedule for Temple's football team. It's a murderer's row for a team that is usually easily murdered.

Just look at this monstrosity...

at Arizona State
at Wisconsin
Western Michigan
at Bowling Green
at Clemson
Miami (Oh)
at Virginia
at Navy

The Owls haven't won more than four games since 1990, and they'll be lucky to win half that many this year.

As an interesting sidenote, Temple AD Bill Bradshaw is the overseer of this disaster. Yes, the same Bill Bradshaw who oversaw the slow, depressing, ultimately completely fatal death watch of DePaul basketball. Go figure.

How bad did it get under Bradshaw? 3-23 bad. Yeah, that bad. Granted, Joey Meyer was the real problem in that freefall, but still.

Anyway, Bradshaw appears to be doing another smash-up job at Temple.


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