Monday, August 08, 2005

It Begins

The Bears play their first preseason game tonight against the Dolphins in Canton. Oh, glorious day! Sure, it's only the preseason but the first live action is always a great day to be a fan.

You can listen to the Bears fight song here.

Speaking of Canton, a belated congrats to Steve Young and Dan Marino on their entrance into the Hall of Fame.

Marino will always being tagged as the great quarterback who didn't win the big one, and he invented the Peyton Manning face, but nobody could sling the ball like Marino. He was the very definition of the gunslinger. Give him the ball and some time and he'd pick a defense apart like a vulture on a carcass. Playground-style.

And Marino will always be the only quarterback to beat the 1985 Bears. This was an accomplishment as daunting in scope as winning the elusive Super Bowl. I'm only half kidding when I say that.

You can listen to the Bears fight song again here.

Young was Mike Vick before Mike Vick - a lefty who could scramble like a mofo. And win. He could also throw the ball well enough to make San Francisco almost say, "Joe who?" Young's Super Bowl win over the helpless Chargers capped off one of the most dominating seasons a quarterback has ever had in the NFL. He was awesome. Young was also still going relatively strong when conscussions made him think twice about continuing his career. Smart guy. Not a shabby legacy for a dude who initially spurned the NFL for promised riches in the USFL. The hard-throwin' Morman headed to sunny L.A. for unheard-of-before riches. Smart guy. (Of course, he probably never actually saw much money from his USFL days and I don't know if he was technically Mormon though he played for Brigham Young.)

I bet the images of Young with the L.A. Express and Tampa Bay Bucs will be etched in our minds forever.

He wasn't too bad with the Niners either.


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