Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sweep the Twins

I'm thinking the White Sox sweep the Twins this week and put them out of their misery once and for all.

And it couldn't happen sooner. Twins fans are whining like little girls and need to be quieted.

Not long after some broad on Salon wrote about how she hated the White Sox - with "I", "Hate" and "White Sox' all in the title, no less - this Minneapolis hack takes the time to write another hatchet job on the Sox.

Do people in Minnesota have no self-esteem?

Unleash the crap...

The White Sox come to town Tuesday. The Twins, whose divisional reign has maddened Chicago, await with the ultimate insult, a bunch of diminutive Davids ready to give Goliath a hotfoot.

OK, first, the Twins are the defending division champs. So immediately, this guy's sense of misfragmented delusion just screams out INFERIORITY COMPLEX!

The Twins trail Chicago by 10 ½ games. Ten games remain between the teams. The Twins' recent surge and this oh-so-predictable White Sox slump, combined with the Sox's predilection for choking, has everyone in the Twins clubhouse pondering the possibility of a historic comeback.

Choke? Yup, now the hack is in full jagbag mode. He's just yapping his lips as if Kirby "Meet Me in the Bathroom" Puckett prancing around indoors on a carpet a generation ago is supposed to frighten anyone. Yap, yap, yap. If you want to talk about choking, let's look at the Twins playoff record this side of the turn of the century. (***Choke***)

Gardenhire even related what owner Carl Pohlad told him upon returning from baseball meetings that included White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf.

Pohlad told Gardy, "Reinsdorf is squirming."

Isn't Pohlad 90? He was probably talking about his pants.

I wouldn't bet your house that the Twins will win the division. But even if the Twins only aid Cleveland in overtaking these Tight Sox, this would be the ultimate Minnesota insult to Chicago's misplaced arrogance.

Misplaced arrogance? Who's being arrogant here? Who running his mouth? He continues to yap, yap, yap and throw insults while failing to see the irony of his delusional sense of self within the context of reality. Fuck this guy.

I wouldn't bet your money on the Twins, not with this lineup facing this deficit.

I bet he wouldn't.

Nor would I bet my money on the White Sox to survive past Oct. 9, not towing the twin anchors of recent underachievement and historic Chicago baseball failure.

Whatever, bro. Go back to losing the wildcard race


Like it or not, Chad's the man...

...for now

Poor Chad Huthinson. Dude's already being tossed to the dogs weeks before the Bears season opener. By everyone.

The general consensus seems to be that Hutchinson a) sucks, b) represents all that is wrong with Jerry Angelo, and c) should be replaced immediately by Kyle Orton and everyone loves Kyle Orton.

Oh, everyone loves Kyle Orton.

While I'm not now nor was I ever a fan of Hutchinson, who was completely out of football a year ago and is the Bears starter a mere year later, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here. One career stat intrigues me: 11 touchdowns, 11 interceptions.

That's not impressive, but it could be worse. And with the Bears defense and (hopefully) running game taking care of matters, that will be Hutchinson's most importatnt job - to throw more TDs than INTs. Is that too much to ask from him? Nobody is expecting him to throw 30 TDs. Hell, nobody is expecting him to throw 20 TDs, for that matter. But if he can maintain a line of more touchdowns than INTs, that will be, at the very least, a start.

Sure, he has a 3-11 record as a starter but I wouldn't call being tossed into the lineup on crappy teams (Cowboys, Bears) late in the season the fairest of shots. The Bears' complete collapse and utter lack of effort in December of last year was the most alarming aspect of Lovie Smith's first season and Hutchinson can't be blamed for that.

Hutchinson, most importantly, has to be decent. No better, no worse. That's all. We don't expect much of our quarterbacks in Chicago. If Hutchinson can even coax the offense into outscoring the Bears defense this season, that would be a beginning. Because the defense is already all business.

I had no right to expect...Neh, none of us any had right to expect to see the Peyton Manning face in the preseason. But we did. Brian Urlacher and the gang gave nothing to Manning while he was in the game on Saturday night, hounding him relentlessly and even forcing Manning into one of his infamous pouts where he calls a timeout and storms off the field pissed off at who knows what. He remained scowling on the sideline long after being removed.

The Bears beat him up, baby.

If it were not for a dumb late hit call on third down that negated yet another Bears stop and ultimately resulted in a touchdown, the Colts starters would have had nothing. (And I gotta say, that late hit call on Urlacher wasn't that late, and, man, did he lay out Dallas Clark. I had to laugh.)

So if Hutchinson can just keep the Bears offense on the field long enough for the defense to catch its breath between dismantling quarterbacks, that would be a positive.

Besides, we all know that sooner or later Hutchinson will most likely get hurt and/or pulled for complete incompetence and eventually be sent back to his surfboard. Nobody expects anything. Then the Kid will get his chance. And everyone loves Kyle Orton.

Oh, everyone loves Kyle Orton.


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