Friday, August 26, 2005

That's Better

If you're a White Sox fan, it's OK to exhale now. Two days of late-game madness and two Sox wins. Nobody said it's easy getting a train back on the tracks.

The Sox are back to doing what they do best: Winning close games, with a crazy ending possibly involved.

Yup, the Sox are back in business, or so it would appear. Though the bats remain temporarily in slumber, the Sox woke up enough overall to let the Twins know they aren't going anywhere no matter how much talking the Twins want to do about the possibility.

Ron Gardenhire was so overcome with emotion, that he spent much of the game in the clubhouse, watching on TV and dismissing advice to go to the hospital. He was "hot" and "flustered." The jokes are so easy here I will not even go there.

Geoff Blum, appearing to settle in now in a Sox uniform, played the role of hero in the tenth inning, doubling off the wall in left-center and scoring the winning run on a single by Timo Perez. He was also the recepient of what seemed to be a horribly missed phantom tag at third base.

But Blun insists it was no phantom luck at all. He says he knew he what he was doing all along in avoiding the tag.

OK. Who am I to argue? Lucky? Good? Whatever.

It may better to be good than lucky - or lucky than good? - but it's best to be both.

Jon Garland kept his Cy Young-type season going by pitching 7.2 innings of scoreless ball. It's unfortunate he didn't pad his win total Too bad.

What wasn't too bad was seeing Bobby Jenks in the closer role.

After the Sox allowed the Twins to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, and then went back ahead in the tenth, Jenks came in and sealed the deal. We all know that Jenks is eventually going to close games, whether it be this year or sometime in the future. It was nice to see the kid actually go out and do it in a pressure situation, and looking lights out while doing so.

First career save. You da man, Bobby Jenks.


Apparently, there is finally a heartbeat in the Cedric Benson debacle. Get this. The two sides are talking. Can you believe it? Who would have thought that such a strange tactic - this talking you speak of - might lead to some inroads?

To be honest, I don't even care anymore. The Bears are stingy and clueless. We all know that. And maybe Benson is a selfish and/or foolish cat. Who knows?

Whatever. I just want to see Benson in camp. Sign the dude, get him in town, and let him run the damn ball.

What...the...fuck is the problem?


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