Saturday, September 03, 2005

Incompetent Fool

"I'm satisfied with the response, I'm not satisfied with the results." - George W. Bush 9/2/2005

He's not satisfied with the response? Oh, this is classic.

Hey, George, pssst, come here, I have a secret for you. YOU'RE IN CHARGE, DIPSHIT! And maybe for starters, it would have helped had FEMA head Mike Brown not been a cronie of yours with connections to your campaign manager. I mean, Brown got fired from his last job - get this! - overseeing horse shows. He was fired for "supervision failures."

So, Brown wasn't smart enough to "oversee horse shows" yet, despite having no significant experience that would have qualified him for the position, he gets to head FEMA because of friendly connections with you? Is that correct?

OK, got it. Well done, Georgie Dumbfuck. Way to surround yourself with the best and the brightest.


Why did it take six days before a legitimate rescue and relief effort was made? Six fuckin' days! Think about that.

What was the problem? What was the holdup? What was the delay?

It's not like we lack the resources or people. We have everything we need. This is America, baby.

Buses. Helicopters. Water. Food. Medicine.

I saw buses arriving in New Orleans early Friday. So why wasn't there an endless stream of buses, or any other viable vehicles, arriving, packing up with people, and then departing? One after another. All day. All night.

And then coming back for more. Bus after bus after bus until the job was done.

Ot helicopters. Helicopter after helicopter after helicopter.

Hell, why is it that people weren't even being allowed past military checkpoints?

I know we have the vehicular means. There are a lot of people to be moved, but if there is one thing America does well, it's enormous vehicles.

I mean, shit, if by some strange predicament there are no buses (which of course there are), get some trucks, some semis. Put people in the trailers. But not too many per trailer. People need space. They won't complain about being moved in the back of a truck after living in utter squalor. Don't worry, we have plenty of trucks. Keep the back door open for ventilation. We can drive slowly. It's not like there's any other traffic to deal with. The highways out of dodge are dead and empty.

Is there a reason why we can't use trucks to rescue people?

Is there a reson why we can't think outside the box? Is there a reason why we can't seem to think at all?

Take the refugees to the nearest open land. Huge, enormous land. Just drive the hell out of the disaster area until you hit massive flat fields, preferably in the middle of nowhere. Set up enormous tents and generators for electricity. Bring some beds. Stock it all up with food and water. This is America. I know we have tents, electricity, beds, food and water.

People will arrive to help. Volunteers. Doctors. Nurses. People just waiting for a command to do something. This is America. I know we have people willing to help.

And then we can go from there. Then we can decide what to do next.

There are things that could have been done a lot faster, and things we could be doing.

And if Georgie Dumbfuck says otherwise, he's lying to himself and he's lying to you.

The results are not good enough, nor was the response.

Once again, Georgie Dumbfuck dropped the ball in a way that had disastrous results for the United States of America.



It's weird. It is now 5:38 p.m. CST on Saturday and the footage is of helicopters picking people up all over the city. Plucking them up one by one. Buses are being loaded. People are unloading and moving around food and water, emergency workers and refugees alike. Side by side.

Why did it take so long to see this footage? Why wasn't it seen on, say, Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday?

The lack of response is criminal, definately figuratively, possibly even literally.

Were genuine crimes committed? This needs to be discussed. And if you think this is just politicized babbling, you are probably the type of person who would be willing to make a person wait six days for water and you can fuck off.

Oh, and New Orleans native Richard Simmons was just interviewed. He was wearing a red tank top.


I know I shouldn't chuckle at any of the footage, but have you seen the shots of what are clearly drunks/crackheads/homeless dudes just wandering around aimlessly in chest-high water.

One guy had his arms above water so as to smoke a cigarette, while another guy looked up at a helicopter hovering directly above him and flashed a big, drunken grin for the camera.

Hilarious. If that dude can laugh, then I'm laughing with him.

The funny thing is listening to the anchors and reporters beat around the bush describing these guys. Geraldo Rivera stopped whatever he was babbling about and mid-sentence was like, "I don't know why that guy is smiling."

Oh, and Geraldo? Yeah, just when I was going to give you some credit for the touching reports you did, particularly the one in which you shed tears while holding a baby, you go and slurp Bill Frist's cock on FoxNews and give him an opportunity to use the phrase "people coming together", which he did. And then you closed by describing Frist's words as "clearly heartfelt". Fuck you, Geraldo Rivera.


Blogger Gizmo said...

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Blogger WarriorFive said...

Let me start off by stating that the following is my opinion (and my opinion isn't worth much, I know);
1)George IS a dumbshit
2)George only cares about himself and his 'cronies'.
3)George can't be blamed for all that 'Bush Bashers' are throwing his way.
It's almost laughable to hear the allegations about funding cuts on the leeves and the flooding being connected with those cuts and the Irag war. Come on! That's propaganda for the Bush Bashing party. How old are those leeves? 60 years or older?! What does Bush's 'repair' cuts on catagory 3! leeves have to do with the viloent beatings of a catagory 5 storm?! Why is Bush and his war the one's responsible for the worst storm that was ALWAYS known about? Why didn't Nixon fund for cataogory 5 leeves to be built, or Ford, or Clinton?! Sure the funds were cut for Iraq, and that sucks for more than one reason, but the way people phrase it makes it seem as if the funding wasn't cut for a Bullshit war, then the city wouldn't be right were it's at right now!! All that repair money would be in debris 20 feet below the water level somewhere around the Public Library! So lets be fair and blame past Presidents (many of them) or the city, or the state for using a bubble gum wrapper instead of a condom on their city.
There's also the finger pointing about the delay in relief. Yes, there was major fuck-up's on multiple levels, but who's to blame for that? We've all known Bush is not a good 'leader' so why are we surprised that he handled it the way he did? Honestly, did you know that New Orleans was 'in a bowl'? I didn't and I have business related activity down there. I have friends at work that are from New Orleans that admitted that didn't know the scale of the problem until late Tuesday, early Wednesday. Keep in mind that New Orleans is a city that has dealt with floods before and up until late Tuesday, this was still thought of as something that they've seen before. Hence, thousands staying at home to 'ride it out'. It's not fair to act as if this is Chicago and if there were any flooding at all, everyone would know there is a major fucking problem! So, in hindsight 'Bush Bashers' go back to the moment the storm was over and say "Hey asshole, the storm ended Sunday- where the Fuck were you?!" Come on! This is a Hurricane prone city, do you know how many trucks we'd have on stand-by during hurricane season every year?! Hindsight is 20/20 and it's total Bullshit to expect someone, especially one person, to know which storm will hit and when. For fuck's sake, Bush's brother doesn't get that sort of treatment in Florida. People build and live in Hurricane alley, what do they expect? Don't blame some dumbshit Texan for his recent actions when the city, state, and government allowed developers to build all these community's on a fucking swap to begin with! In other words, Florida and New Orleans get blasted every year, they know it better than anyone, why is a fucking Texan expected to know that 'Katrina' was going to be the one they ALWAYS knew about. To him it could have been like any of the last 50 storms in 20 years that none of the last Presidents had to deal with. It's unfair to really believe that he knew the magnitude of the storm until at least Wednesday. I personally know New Orleans natives that admit that they didn't know the magintude of the problem for a few days.
And why not have trucks and buses lined up like the cars in 'Feild of dreams'? How about physical limitations! Remember the storm that caused the evacuation in the 1st place, well that same storm severly limited the evacuation pathways for the exit stradegy of getting out. Do you know the cost (lives, time, and money) of having 500 buses lined up on Route 10 that was completely wiped out? "Ok drivers, you can't get in this way, all 500 of you back up 200 miles and take this back road to get through". Isn't it laughable that people make all these allegations about Bush and his incompetence, but yet have no clue on how the roadways are set up, and what the actual physical possibilites are in getting buses and trucks in/out of the city. And putting people in the back of trucks?! Shit if people aren't safe in a 70,000 seat dome, how about in a 15' x 50' trailer?! That's crazy talk. "Hey Bush you fucking asshole! Why didn't you pack them up in tractor trailors and get them out?!" Can you imagine the headlines? {Thugs rape and murder Mother and toss her and baby out of open back trailer in Demoplis, Alabalma}
My point here, is Bush is a bad 'leader', but for God's sake, he is not to blame for this debacle (just partially). The City and State are. They knew the threat for decades and never established a PROCESS. Why do 'Bush Basher's' take this difficult time to further their campaign, when he's a small player in what went down? Why wasn't a plan in place stating that if a catogory 3 storm was within 200 miles, they'd start to evacuate this area, if a catoagory 4 was within this many miles, 200 trucks and buses would be stationed X amount of miles outside of the area. If a catagory 5 was within so many miles, 300 buses would start making rounds to pick up people from these posted landmarks. The City and State was incompetent for decades and that's why the situation was so god damm disgusting!
It's almost as if the city and State looked to Bush and said 'What are you going to do?" and he looked back at them and said "It's your area, what are you going to do about it?"......."What? You live in this hell zone below sea level and you have NO fuckin plan in place?! Godd damm! I'm a dumbshit, so give me a minute (or a day or two) to figure this one out!"
I'm not a Bush fan (to say the least), but one's got to be fair when pointing the finger. He is an asshole, he is greedy, but the process (or lack thereof) that was handed reminds me of a self proclaimed handy-man bringing a broken lawnmower with a zip-lock bag of nuts, bolts, and screws to a cetified mechanic and asking him to fix it......NOW!! Imagine JFK in office for this same disaster, his heart may have been warmer, his intentions better, but I guarantee that lives would have been lost, children would have starved, elderly would have dehyrated and thugs would have looted and raped.
The ball was dropped here for decades upon decades. That is what should be highlighted more than the response of an incompetent idiot. Be honest when you evaluate the event. When did we all see that this was different than past hurricanes and floods. For me it was Wednesday morning. What did the mayor do in his dry office 6 months ago in preperation for his city's flood plan.....obviously nothing! Spread the blame, Bush is a terrible President.....worst ever! But he is a man and no man should have to take the fall for the failures of so,so, so many many before him.
Shame on American's for electing a man that we know cannot 'lead' in a time of crisis, or any other time, for that matter.

8:05 AM  
Blogger UnknownColumn said...

Damn, Warrior. Don't hold back or anything.

3:35 PM  
Blogger rogkw9999 said...

Your post refelcts that you have nio understanding of how state soverignty and how the state must request the feds to come in. The Posse Comitatus laws prevent the feds from charging in univited. FEMA has always been a sluggish bureaucracy under both Dems and republicans and the whole system probably needs to be overhauled. The LA gov refused (even blocked)help initially thinking that they could handle things internally. And the Mayor of New Orelans was in way over his head. He delayed the evacuation order for 11 hours even though the hrurricane warning center personaally notified him Friday evening. Youre obviously a Bush-hater and there's lots of blame to go around but to single out Bush as the one at fault is ludicrous, crude language notwithstanding.

2:28 PM  

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