Monday, September 19, 2005

OK, the Joke's Over, Right?

Surely, the White Sox are kidding. This is obviously a joke. Right?

Ah, sadly it is all true. The Sox lead is down to 2.5 games after last night's loss to the Indians. Things are getting serious.

So, I'm just going to look at the positives here. At this point, it's either that or go insane.

And in that spirit, the Sox did manage to overcome a four-run deficit to take a 5-4 lead into the eighth inning.

Then, in the bottom of the ninth, when they were again down 7-5 courtesy of Damaso Marte showing why Ozzie Guillen should have just told him to stay at home when he had the chance, the Sox had two runners on with Paul Konerko at the plate. There were two outs, but the winning run had a bat in his hand, and who else would you want hitting in that situation but your supposed big-hitter, your slugger? It was a tight situation, but the grandest victory imaginable was...right friggin' there. With one swing. It could have been beautiful. The Sox made it possible, and though they didn't make it happen in the end, they were right there, battling like mofos. Would, coulda, shoulda won.

Alas, the bullpen did what bullpens do almost without peer - induce the onset of dangerous levels of rage.

Oh, the Unknown Column was approaching, my friends.

Perhaps it was fitting that Marte played the role of goat after his little "episode" where he sorta "disappeared" for a few days last week. Sure, there was plenty of blame to go around last night, but it was Marte who came in and promtply wet himself, giving up a dreaded walk and a single, both eventually scoring when Travis Hafner, who is the new official Sox killer after last night, doubled off Bad Bobby Jenks.

Look, Jenks is awesome, and has been a blessing in his pseudo-closer role, and has a future as bright as anyone (he really does), but he's still a kid. He isn't pefect or Mariano Rivera. At least not yet.

But Marte? He's a weak link. Period. He's continually proven it this season. Screw it. Look, if you're prone to getting in pissing matches with your manager, it's probably best that you at least manage not to be blown up on the mound.

Marte has morphed into a bum. There isn't much the Sox can do about that at this point in the season, but in the meantime, they can learn from the past.

Two weeks ago, the Sox lost a heartbreaker in 12 innings to the Angels in the opening game of a series at the Cell. They then promptly failed to show up in the next two games and were swept.

They best not do that again. The Sox have two more games with the Indians to right this rapidly sinking ship. Mark Buehrle pitches tonight and it's about time he proves he's a big-game pitcher once and for all. He hasn't been one of late.

And the Unknown Column needs a tall drink.


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