Friday, September 09, 2005

One Advantage to Rising Gas Prices?

The Handlebar, which the Unknown Column can already attest to being a fine establishment, at 2311 W. North Avenue here in Chicago will continue to lower beer prices in proportion to rising gas prices.

Under its Inverse Petrol-O-Matic Beer Pricing Scheme, beer prices will fall as gas prices rise.

So with gas at $3, a pint of Goose Island 312 ale is also $3. When gas hits $4, the beer's $2. Five-dollar gas gets you beer for a buck and if gas hits $6 the beer's free.

God bless these folks. Just when you think the world has run out of good people...

I'll tell you what, if the price of gas ever reaches $6, the Unknown Column may never be heard from again...but you'll know exactly where to find him.


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