Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yard Work

Check out this "Yard Work" blog. Hilarious.

White Sox fans will get a particular kick out of the article penned by Hawk Harrelson. Hawk doesn't like Jay Mariotti. I was rolling.

Except for Mariotti. Now, I got no problem with Jay. He’s a good guy. Maybe not a great writer, but whatever. Not everyone’s John Grisham. We had some run-in before, but that’s under the bridge and over the rainbow. Long gone. He’s OK people, even if he’s chicken. Hawk didn’t want to fight. Hawk just wanted to talk, straighten things out, cinch it up and hunker down. But Jay didn’t want to talk. That’s fine. I’m right, he’s wrong. Folks love me, folks hate him. I hit .239, and he never played ball. All that matters.

With tomorrow being 9/11, it's a good thing the Philly Phanatic is behind bars.

Even Anna Benson has contributed a column, which is not only hilarious, but gives me more than enough reason to post a pic, not that I need a reason, but still...

(Hat tip, Frank Costanza.)


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